I remember first visiting Arizona first with my parents on a short road-trip, it was one of those states that I’d never thought too much about. I mean, as a young kind, I was pretty taken with Disney Land (still am), the glittering strip of Las Vegas (without the gambling) and Death Valley (which sounded … Continue Reading

You’ll no doubt know Monument Valley as one of the most recognisable natural sights in the United States! Its unusual landscape and unique features make this area a truly amazing place to to explore. Now, although you might be familiar with the sights of Monument Valley, you might not be aware of some of the most … Continue Reading

  On this particular morning of our road trip, we woke up to (surprisingly) freezing temperatures in Flagstaff, Arizona. Just a few hours ago it was so unbelievably hot (albeit in a different location) so how did things get so cold so fast? #Sh*tGotRealFast Thankfully, coming from the UK, we were all pretty prepared to … Continue Reading

Route 66 is known as the “Main Street of America” and a long-a*s street it is indeed! Route 66 starts in Illinois and ends in California and, if you look at the map below, you can see why it has this name. It effectively cuts across America and is arguably the most famous highway in U.S! … Continue Reading

Monument Valley is another great iconic American landmark – set across two states, it is easily one of America’s most memorable landmarks – you’ve probably seen it in films, magazines, on TV adverts or in music videos and trust me, it’s so much more impressive in person! Monument Valley is actually part of the Colorado … Continue Reading

Antelope Canyon is apparently one of the most visited canyons and it makes obvious sense that a trip across the south of the USA would be incomplete without a visit to Antelope Canyon. To be fair, we barely made it there as we’d already packed so much into our day and thought we might have … Continue Reading