2014 was the year that Hand Luggage Only was truly born! Lloyd and I started toying with the idea of Hand Luggage Only back in 2012 after travelling around at every opportunity possible and accumulating quite a lot of travel photos so after a bit of “to’ing” and “fro’ing” we finally decided to go for … Continue Reading

When in Bali, one activity that comes highly recommend is driving, walking or even cycling (if you’re brave enough) up to the village of Kintamani to get a fantastic view of Mount Batur. Mount Batur is an active volcano (the last eruption was in 2000) and is also bordered by Danau Batur (a lake) which … Continue Reading

Bit of background: I’ve been quite lucky to have spent the last few months living outside of the UK. Funnily enough, for all my love of travelling, I’d never been to Asia before and so this was  a summer of firsts. The first opportunity I got, I packed as much travel as possible into every … Continue Reading

Bali is a truly diverse holiday destination to visit. From stunning lakes and beaches to amazing views views of volcanoes, Bali’s diverse scenery is rivalled only by the diversity of it’s people and here are some of them – along with the skills they possess: 1.) The Weaver 2.) The Food and Drinks Guide 3.) The Wood Carver … Continue Reading

You’ve got 10 hours to see the sights in Bali! I’d love to go into the details as to why but you’ve got only 10 hours to do a tour of Bali – you don’t have time to read that! Jump into the car now and go! Okay, the reason you have 10 hours is … Continue Reading

In Bali, Indonesia… There she stood. Waiting… Wondering… Perhaps slightly bored and lost in a day dream… There they came. Sweaty. Stereotypical. Huge cameras and eyes glazed over in amazement at what she found the norm. They appear to reject every offer as they meandered through the maze of vendors…. until they noticed her place. … Continue Reading