Ever since I visited Peru, I knew Bolivia would be on my travel radar. I mean, the whole country is so stunning and there’s seems to be an endless supply of natural sites, yummy food (I’m naming you, Salteñas 😋) and some of the best things to do in Bolivia. It really is a diverse country … Continue Reading

Bolivia is one of those under-rated South American gems that totally deserves a place on many a traveller’s list! The lure of the Incas in Peru, the party culture of Brazil (Hey Rio de Janeiro!) and the food culture of Argentina all seem to beckon before one’s thoughts turn to Bolivia but there are so … Continue Reading

Fascinating cultures, ancient history, fun-loving people and fantastic natural wonders all combine brilliantly on the South American continent – creating a colourful mix of sights to see and reasons to visit. (There’s good reason why South America sits atop many a traveller’s list). From the arid Andes Mountains to the sizzling streets of Sao Paulo, South America offers … Continue Reading

Salar de Uyuni or more commonly referred to (in English at least) as the Bolivian Salt Flats. Chances are that you’ve either been there to see them in person or that you’ve seen those photos of your friends playing around with perspectives and pretending to eat, trample or pick each other up like ants. For the … Continue Reading