There are three things that come to my mind when thinking of Canada. One – the friendly people (I swear everyone is so nice), two – the extremely noticeable seasonal changes that make visiting so exciting (the difference between summer and winter is so dramatic), and three – the mind-blowing places in Canada to see … Continue Reading

Back in Toronto after a few fantastic and very relaxed days in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we checked into the Delta Hotel, which it turns out has one of the best views in Toronto. The Delta is right next to the CN Tower and if you get the change, it’s totally worth bagging yourself access to the Executive … Continue Reading

The next morning in Niagara-on-the-Lake began with a bit of a misstep. After a long and lazy breakfast by the fire, I decided that I wanted to check out a maple syrup place just outside of town (remember how I said about my sweet tooth in this post the day before?). “Just outside of town” … Continue Reading

Breakfast at the next morning came in really cute picnic baskets, delivered right to your door! Juices, freshly baked muffins and cakes from the local bakery, fruits and local jams – all of which was just a brilliant start to the day in this amazing town! After breakfast, our morning started with a lazy amble … Continue Reading

The next morning in Toronto, after breakfast not too dissimilar to the delicious one we had the day before at the Shangri La, we packed up our bags, bade farewell to the city and headed over to Niagara Falls. Well, not directly to Niagara Falls. We actually ended up going to Niagara Helicopters for what … Continue Reading

Look, there’s no hiding the fact that my love for Canada runs deep; so much so that I swear my veins run with maple syrup! Obviously, I’ve got a proper soft-spot for cities like; Vancouver and Toronto, but there’s so much more to Canada than just the cities. Being the second-largest country in the world, … Continue Reading

Toronto’s Distillery District is one part of the city that’s definitely worth visiting – especially so when you’re absolutely ravenous. Suffice to say leaving Casa Loma with tummies growling, it didn’t take much convincing for us to hop in the taxi and head for the Distillery District, esta pronto! The distillery district spans across several … Continue Reading

Vancouver was the very first city I visited in Canada. I remember falling in love with that city straight away. The fact that you had this amazing city set with such an amazing natural background meant that you got the best of both worlds. You can literally finish work in the busy city and within … Continue Reading

You’ve probably guessed that Canada is one of my favourite countries. After exploring the gorgeous spots in Alberta (like those iconic Ice Castles) and delving into west coast city life in Vancouver, I just knew I needed to see every inch of Canada. Though, let’s start with baby steps, eh? After all, it’s the second … Continue Reading

Embracing the snow, icicles and the chilly weather is something that’s amazing during a Canadian winter, especially within beautiful spots in Alberta. Now, if you’re anything like me you’ll be hankering to see some of this picturesque side of winter, with the Edmonton Ice Castle being one of the prettiest. I mean, there’s not too many … Continue Reading

The city of Edmonton in Canada is not necessarily the city everyone might have a ready made travel plan and itinerary for. Vancouver, perhaps or even Toronto but seeing as we had to get one together after visiting recently, and one that saw us make the most of the season we visited in, I figured … Continue Reading

Jasper, Canada is one of the biggest reasons to visit Canada in winter! This already spectacular park, and home to the Canadian Rockies totally transforms in winter to some almost fairytale-like winter wonderland. The lakes freeze over, waterfalls turn into magnificent ice sculptures and mountain roads turns into ski slopes! Not many places in the … Continue Reading

Alberta is one of Canada’s most gorgeous provinces that’s perfect for a winter or summer jaunt.  And with so many beautiful things to do in Alberta, it’s an area you should definitely think of visiting as soon as possible. From the tiny little villages, stunning lakes, gorgeous cities to huge swathes of powdery snow – it’s … Continue Reading

There’s a whole heap of amazing things to do in Vancouver. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a little slice of culture, cake or the most incredible natural landscapes, the city has been bestowed with an epic amount of things to do and see when visiting this region. I mean, it shouldn’t come as … Continue Reading