Fjord Safari Flam is one of the best things to do when visiting this region. And it really was a highlight of our trip to Flam! Norway’s fjords are famous the world over and after a trip up the mountains to see the Sognefjord from the top, we had a trip from the bottom, on the … Continue Reading

Western Norway is an incredibly vast region and has some gorgeous places to visit. It’s not just that the scenery is incredible, or that the whole country offers such amazing opportunities to explore its natural beauty but also because of its towns and people who are so warm and friendly… …I’m not sure if it’s … Continue Reading

There are so many great reasons to visit Norway. In fact, I’d even go as far as saying it’s probably hard to find a reason not to! (Yup, even the cold isn’t an excuse as it gets incredibly warm in summer). Like other Nordic countries (here’s looking at you Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark), Norway is one … Continue Reading

I have raved over and over again about how amazing taking the train from Bergen to Flam (home of one of Norway’s majestic, UNESCO World Heritage Fjords) is and I finally have evidence of it! It’s easily the most amazing train ride I’ve been on and one that totally turned my perception of train journeys … Continue Reading

These Fjords are UNESCO World Heritage sites for a reason! I have so much yet to tell you about our trip to Norway but I’ve been wanting to show you photos from when we saw the Fjords for so long now that I just couldn’t hold out any longer! The train ride to Flam is … Continue Reading

Norway’s beautiful fjords are the things of legends. They, are the reason in themselves alone, to visit this amazing country yet this being said, Norway is about so much more than its stunning fjords. There’s so much history, culture and a whole range of other idyllic natural sights worth seeing in Norway and one of the … Continue Reading

Norway is such a beautiful country, with hundreds of small towns (and small cities) that are just begging to be explored. Take a look at some favourites that should be on your travel-list. 1.) Flåm Flåm is a great village to explore the Fjords of Norway. Getting to this quaint Norwegian town is also part of … Continue Reading