For me, Norway’s true appeal lies far from the bright lights of its cities, like Oslo (though that’s amazing too). That being said, Bergen is a bit of an exception though with its UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bryggen and this amazing view at Floyen. Seriously, nowhere else in the world looks or feels just like … Continue Reading

Now when you’re in Geiranger, even if you’re not much of hiker (like myself), one thing you have to do is take a trek to a waterfall called Storseterfossen. Why do you have to go to Storseterfossen? Well, its pretty simple really – Storseterfossen is an amazingly powerful waterfall, high up in the mountains that … Continue Reading

Arriving in Geiranger, one of the very first things I knew I had to do was to head to the spot where I could get that iconic view of the village and its fjord… well that and checking into the hotel (perhaps even for a little snooze?). As it turns out, the spot with the … Continue Reading

Norway’s beautiful fjords are the things of legends. They, are the reason in themselves alone, to visit this amazing country yet this being said, Norway is about so much more than its stunning fjords. There’s so much history, culture and a whole range of other idyllic natural sights worth seeing in Norway and one of the … Continue Reading

The next morning, we woke up bright and early (perhaps too early?) to try to see the rest of the sights in the Norangsdalen valley before catching our ferry from Hellesylt to Geiranger. As it turns out, our eagerness the day before meant that we’d actually covered pretty much the entire valley and had driven … Continue Reading

Right down by the harbour, I finally had that Nordic hotdog I’d been craving. (*For some reason, they just seem to taste so much better up here). Watered and fed (actually more like ‘Fanta’d and fed’) we headed down to the pick up our kayaks (and our instructor) and go off exploring Geirangerfjord. Except, due … Continue Reading