For the longest time, I’d taken the train past Lille without even sparing a second thought about visiting it. There were just so many other places on the Eurostar that came to mind when I thought of places to visit that Lille just seemed to stay in the background, ignored for shinier cities like Paris. … Continue Reading

Yup! We just arrived today and I’m already falling head over heels in love with this French city! See, I’d only ever gone past Lille on the way to Brussels or Amsterdam (also via Brussels) and I’d always been curious  so we decided it was finally time to visit. We zoomed up to Lille in … Continue Reading

After deciding to postpone the visit to Meert (the home of all things delicious in Lille), we figured we might as well carry on our trek around the city of Lille! From a distance (even further than pictured below), I spotted this spire and figured it was worth going to see what it was all … Continue Reading