Following, our (rather lazy) first evening in Madrid, we decided that we would do our very best to make up for it the next day by cramming in as many of the best things to do in Madrid as we possibly could.  Thankfully, as it turns out, Madrid is quite a walkable city which is … Continue Reading

Spain is a totally gorgeous country to explore, from the stunning beaches, beautiful places in the north to the most epic Spanish cities, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice on where to visit. This is especially true if you’re heading on a city break, like Madrid. You see, there are some many incredible and best … Continue Reading

As per our last post here (and if you’ve been on our Instagram or Twitter) lately, you’ll probably have seen that we’re in Madrid. This trip to Madrid has been a lot busier than initially thought. I had this silly idea in my head that a trip to Madrid in winter would be a lot … Continue Reading

It’s safe to say this was a trip we’d been looking forward to for a while, and seeing as we had only two nights to spend in Madrid, we figured we might as well make it count and go for a hotel that definitely stands out. That hotel happened to be the Hotel Urso in Madrid’s … Continue Reading