In a shocking revelation this week – I found video footage from our first trip to Amsterdam! Okay, “shocking” is an overly dramatic way to put it (the quality of the video clips however – now that’s shocking!). In any case, we were rather pleasantly surprised to find these videos and they pretty much capture … Continue Reading

I’m just gonna jump right into this one! First off, dump all your things at your hotel/hostel/flat/friend’s flat and head on out to the city. It’s best to do this on foot however if you’re not close the city centre, hop aboard a tram and head on it. Great, now that you’re in the city … Continue Reading

My first meal in (albeit on my second trip to) Amsterdam was a KFC meal. I felt so guilty afterwards but, I thought to myself, “I’ve been to Amsterdam before and the KFC branch is just right there… and I’m really starving”. Needless to say, I rationalised it to myself and 30 minutes later, carb-ed up and … Continue Reading