New Orleans is something of an assault and a delight to the senses! Colourful streets, delicious food, amazing street parties and brilliant music are just some of the things this city is famous for but one thing that always remains with anyone who visits is how unlike any other American city New Orleans is. The … Continue Reading

New Orleans is one of those incredible cities that you don’t forget easily. Its buzzing energy and (without sounding too corny) its soul seem to stay with you long after you leave. I stayed a few short days in the City, before heading west to, “Houston, Texas… baby!” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist a Beyonce song … Continue Reading

When it comes to travel photography, my default mode is to pack in as many colours as possible in a photo. I’m a huge fan of vividly colourful photos and colours in general but there are times, when even the most colour photos just can not match up to the simplicity that comes with black … Continue Reading

Following a fairly short-ish ride (circa 3 hours) filled with warning about impending hurricanes, we finally arrived at New Orleans – the home of jazz, distinctly tasty food, Mardi Gras and jazz! This was definitely one of the most-anticipated stops on our road trip however, we arrived truly tired after a very busy day, late … Continue Reading