Perched in the north of England, Newcastle is a city that’s well worth a visit, especially for all the history and experiences you can have here. After four visits, I’ve realised that it can actually be hard to whittle down a manageable list of the best things to do in Newcastle, especially if it’s your … Continue Reading

I love a good road trip! It’s just such a great way to explore a new destination. You get to see and explore so much more than you would normally and have the flexibility to make your trip whatever you want it to be. This is in large part what fuelled my excitement to go … Continue Reading

Recently, we got to visit a part of the UK we’ve never actually visited – the grand old city of Newcastle! The idea of visiting Newcastle comes with various connotations – a great place to party (thanks Geordie Shore), a brilliant city to visit, the Angel of the North, a city filled with lots of … Continue Reading