The region between Toronto to Niagara Falls is one incredible place to explore, especially if you want a mix of city and nature during your holiday. That’s the thing that makes this region so special – the fact it has a little piece of everything. That being said, organising a week-long itinerary to travel from … Continue Reading

Niagara Falls is pretty incredible to see, and hear for that matter! In fact, I’m almost certain you’ll hear its roar before even get close. And let’s be honest, that’s why you go to the falls, right? To experience them. With that in mind, I wanna share some really quick and easy tips I discovered on … Continue Reading

Breakfast at the next morning came in really cute picnic baskets, delivered right to your door! Juices, freshly baked muffins and cakes from the local bakery, fruits and local jams – all of which was just a brilliant start to the day in this amazing town! After breakfast, our morning started with a lazy amble … Continue Reading

The next morning in Toronto, after breakfast not too dissimilar to the delicious one we had the day before at the Shangri La, we packed up our bags, bade farewell to the city and headed over to Niagara Falls. Well, not directly to Niagara Falls. We booked a Niagara Falls helicopter tour!  We actually ended … Continue Reading