For me, Norway’s true appeal lies far from the bright lights of its cities, like Oslo (though that’s amazing too). That being said, Bergen is a bit of an exception though with its UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bryggen and this amazing view at Floyen. Seriously, nowhere else in the world looks or feels just like … Continue Reading

I maaaaay have over-indulged at dinner the night before. The good thing about that though – combined with the clear sea breeze meant that I slept rather soundly that night. (Seriously, nothing beats a good night’s sleep when you’re travelling). The next morning (after breakfast, of course), packed our bags, bade farewell to our hotel … Continue Reading

When you find yourself in Øye, there’s really only one place you should be staying in and that’s the Hotel Union Øye. Why? Hotel Union Øye is a very special place – this was THE place where the aristocracy from Europe stayed in and it’s a interesting part of Norway’s culture and history. The hotel has been … Continue Reading

Western Norway is an incredibly vast region and has some gorgeous places to visit. It’s not just that the scenery is incredible, or that the whole country offers such amazing opportunities to explore its natural beauty but also because of its towns and people who are so warm and friendly… …I’m not sure if it’s … Continue Reading