The next morning, we got up early again (a running theme during this entire trip to Nepal) and hit the road this time heading back to Kathmandu – our final stop on our trip across Nepal. The journey was actually supposed to be a 5-hour journey but due to traffic, we were told it could take … Continue Reading

Apparently, one of the best views in Nepal is from Tansen, where we were staying with a local family. The reason why this view is amazing is because from here, you can see the stretch of the Himalayan mountain ranges right in front of you… and if you arrive here for sunrise, said view is … Continue Reading

The next morning, kinda fuelled by our missed sun rise opportunity in Palpa, we decided to see the sunrise over the Himalayas in Pokhara. And so, alarms set for 4am, off we set in search of that sun rise. I can’t tell you how hard getting up for that was. 🙂 😀 There’s a reason … Continue Reading