Yup, Up Helly Aa is as fierce as it looks! Hoards of angry Vikings and their burning ships surround the Shetland Islands on an annual basis – bringing mayhem to the local community that just can’t get rid of those pesky Vikings… Or so I assume if we had lived 1,200 years ago! 🙂 Well, thankfully, the … Continue Reading

There’s so much more to the UK than London. Yes, London is an amazing city and all that but the UK has so many different beautiful and exciting cities that most people miss out on thanks to buzzing bright lights of London. I have lived all across the UK and experienced life in different parts … Continue Reading

I kid you not! And it’s apparently really good! It’s got lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)… and other animals of course – elephants, rhinos, giraffes… the lot! Until a week ago, I had no idea until my brother mentioned it to me. With Scotland’s dramatically beautiful landscape, it makes sense that if there … Continue Reading

Road trips have long since been a mainstay of travel and are always a great way to pack in as many sights as possible. Although they’re quite synonymous with the US, Scotland is giving the US road trips a run for its money with the new route called the North Coast 500 which takes you … Continue Reading

Having lived in Edinburgh for quite a few years, it’s easily one of my favourite cities in the UK and with good reason too – it’s absolutely pretty, has such strong history, amazing traditions, really friendly people and is a traveller’s delight – which is also why it makes sense that it the most visited … Continue Reading

Well, if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! And no, this isn’t some back handed compliment to myself or the photos I’ve taken – I can very freely say that you’re in for a treat because of the sheer beauty and charm of St Andrews. St Andrews is genuinely one of the nicest towns … Continue Reading

The Hebrides are an archipelago off the coast of Scotland (essentially they’re Scottish islands…  or at least that’s how I like to think of them;-) ) and they’re absolutely amazing! Rather than explain in a long-winded, roundabout way why you have to go visit them – I figured I’d show you! Reason 1.) That Landscape! … Continue Reading

The pride of Britain lies within its countryside and there are fewer places in the UK to get a truly authentic experience of British life than in its villages. These villages are pretty small and, as a result, have some of the most quaint and friendliest communities. What these villages lack in size (there are … Continue Reading

There is much diversity across the UK, with towering glacial valleys, historic coves and almost tropical environments. That being said, with some many of the best natural sights in the UK to visit, it can actually hard to just pinpoint a mere few for a trip. This is one of the reasons why I wanted … Continue Reading

The Northern Lights probably need no introduction. The images of them are so iconic and they are a natural wonder that are even more amazing to see in real life. Seeing them in person is an experience I cherish so much and would recommend to anyone anywhere to try to do! The day I saw … Continue Reading

If you’re planning on visiting the UK (or if you already live in the UK) then you should definitely try to see at least one! Each one of these buildings is impressive in its own rights and forms such a strong part of the UK’s history that you would be hard pressed to not be … Continue Reading