Thinking of visiting Iceland? One thing’s for sure – you won’t be disappointed! This beautiful island country is one of the very best places to discover a natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the world. Where in the world can you see geothermal geysers, the northern lights and icebergs all in one place! Creating the … Continue Reading

After we left the Frost and Fire hotel, we headed straight for our next stop and a personal favourite of mine – Seljalandsfoss en-route to Hotel Skogafoss for lunch. Seljalandsfoss is the waterfall in Iceland where you can walk behind and I was excited to show Georgia and Chris who hadn’t seen it before… It’s … Continue Reading

Iceland is home to some amazing waterfalls and seeing as the capital is Reykjavik, chances are you’re most likely going to be flying into Reykjavik when you arrive in Iceland so you might as well see 3 of the most impressive waterfalls in Southern Iceland (where Reykjavik is). I promised myself I would have this post up before … Continue Reading