As you already from our instagram¬†(@HandLuggageOnly), we just spent in Bratislava with friends (brilliant city by the way, so much more than I was expecting) and while there’s so much to tell you about, I just couldn’t wait to share a few pictures from Bratislava with you! I will do a proper set of blog … Continue Reading

I spent the better part of the day putting together this video from our recent trip to Bratislava. I know I’m yet to put the full photos up (asides the initial ones here) but I figure one of the best ways to show off a city is via video as it captures angles and aspects … Continue Reading

You can see them all for free and can cover most of them on a weekend trip to Bratislava! Our trip to Bratislava was one I went on with an open mind and a sense of adventure! I’d never been before, I didn’t do much planning, didn’t know what to expect and I was looking … Continue Reading

On initially booking, I’ve gotta say, I was expecting somewhere nice. The hotel – Tulip House Hotel was ranked number 3 on Trip Advisor (of all hotels in Bratislava) so my expectation was realistically high… Gotta say though, it definitely surpassed my expectations. We got picked up at the airport in a private car (I love … Continue Reading

Situated south of Poland, Slovakia is a relatively small European country that packs a punch when it comes to beautiful places to see. It’s the perfect example of a small country that has a lot of incredible things to do and a heap of the best places in Slovakia that are dotted all across the … Continue Reading