Anyone who’s ever been to Italy’s Amalfi coast can tell you hands down that this one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy and a definite must-add to your travel plans. We got to visit for the first time last year on our road trip across Italy and have to say, the Amalfi … Continue Reading

First off, 24 hours is too little time to spend in the Amalfi coast. That being said, we decided we would give it our very best shot while on our road trip across Italy. It was our final stop in our rickshaw afterall. As with every other day, we arrived in the middle of the … Continue Reading

To say that the Amalfi Coast of Italy is beautiful is something of an understatement. With so many of the best things to do in the Amalfi Coast, you’ll be spoilt for choice and will need to prioritise what and how you actually want to see. It’s the kind of place you visit and know … Continue Reading