Istanbul is a real gem of a city to explore! Now, it may not be the capital of Turkey but, there’s a whole heap of amazing and some of the best things to do in Istanbul that are dotted far and wide across the city. A few moons ago, We had the best time exploring … Continue Reading

It’s safe to say that upon our return from “the secret beach” I was well and truly rested! I remember trying to throw in a quick instagram update and falling asleep. I don’t even think I’d composed two words in the caption before dozing off. Thankfully though I managed to get up on time for dinner! Random … Continue Reading

I spoke earlier on about when we arrived in Turkey and I found out about the ‘Secret Beach’ (which quite frankly wasn’t really much of a secret but that’s a good thing). Well, as it turns out, to get the best spot on the beach, you need to make a reservation at the hotel to … Continue Reading

After leaving the secret beach and heading back to the hotel, I decided to dawdle around the hotel, cocktail and camera in hand. Or maybe it was wine? Aaaww who cares? It went down a treat with that sunset and that’s what truly matters. 😉 🙂 I figured I might as well take you on a little … Continue Reading

Remember when we attended this ‘5 Senses Of Turkey’ event in London hosted by Thomas Cook airlines? Well, part of the event involved a competition to win tickets to Dalaman in Turkey. I never win anything so while I happily participated, I thought nothing of it – that was of course, until a few weeks later, … Continue Reading

I should really start our the ‘tale’ of our trip to Turkey from the very beginning but just in the same way I like to skip mains and go straight for dessert and wine, I’m going to impatiently skip the beginning till later. Arriving in Turkey, we stayed at the Rixos Premium Göcek (a bargain Lloyd … Continue Reading

Aacck! Can’t believe I haven’t put there pictures up yet! 🙂 These photos have all been edited on my phone (huge kudos to VSCO – love that app) but I’d been so distracted by the fact that this was our very first trip to Turkey (and perhaps by all the Turkish food) that I hadn’t gotten round … Continue Reading