Valencia has been on our travel-radar for many, many years. After snoozing as soundly as sleeping beauty but snoring as loudly as a ‘Shrek’ style Ogre ;-), Yaya and I headed straight out for our first adventure of the day. Sailing a yacht around the Mediterranean coast. You can only imagine how excited this made … Continue Reading

Valencia is one of the incredible Spanish cities you have to visit! It’s the kind of place that’s filled with thousands of years of history but also a heap of totally modern and shiny sides, too. This all means that there’s loads of totally epic and best things to do in Valencia that will be … Continue Reading

As you probably already know, we’ve been loving our time in Valencia.  We’d been hot air ballooning, midnight feasting and had a whole host of other experiences just waiting to be had in Valencia so I was understandably excited pretty much my entire time there. On this particular morning, however (after breakfast at the hotel), … Continue Reading

We arrived in Valencia fairly late in the evening and although it wasn’t quite midnight, by the time, we were picked up at the airport, checked into the hotel and got ready for dinner, it was getting closer and closer to midnight. By this point though, past experience had already taught us to expect dinner fairly … Continue Reading

As you can probably already tell from our Instagram and Twitter! 😉 We’ve also done some of the solid staple stuff to do in Valencia of course and I have so much to tell you but as per usual, I have very little time to do so right now as I need to leave the … Continue Reading

We were intentionally left in the dark about a lot of the stuff we did in Valencia (it was definitely an amazing surprise itinerary) and so, we had no idea until we returned from watching the tango, to take us on a hot air balloon ride the very next morning! I can’t even begin to describe to … Continue Reading