I’m a huge fan of anything that can help make travel easier, whether that’s a new and easy way to book tickets or a more efficient method to pack for your travels. Before I get started, I’ve just gotta say this -I’m not always a huge fan of kickstarter projects. While the idea of kickstarter in itself is a stroke of genius and some of the products are amazing, there is a whole lot of stuff that quite frankly is just not for me. (The kind of products you might buy in a moment of weakness and as soon as you pay realise you’ve just added another piece of ‘tat’ to your growing collections of ‘WTF’ purchases).

Despite that, I admire the people behind these products and even the concept behind the products themselves – regardless of their personal appeal to me. I’ll always admire an entrepreneur in any shape or form, these are the people who are pushing boundaries and making products that will totally revolutionise the way we live in the future.

And then (a hero comes along), a brilliant product comes along that makes me appreciate kickstarter in all it’s glory. This product today, dear friend is the Baubax. I know I might like a  product spokesperson (trust me, I’m not) but this jacket is everything I want from a travel jacket. I’m the kind of person that will more than likely chooses functionality over aesthetic and this jacket nails the functionality aspect brilliant and doesn’t do too badly on the aesthetic front. Yes, it’s not ‘the most outstandingly beautiful piece of clothing in the world’  which in my opinion is a term which changes so rapidly, I wouldn’t aspire to pin a long term product design anyway as it’ll end up ‘hot’ today and a ‘not’ tomorrow. It’s design is simple and comes in form of pieces of clothing that have stood the test of time (each of us has at least one kind of version of these in our wardrobes).

This Is Probably The Only Travel Jacket You Will Ever Need. (6)

This Is Probably The Only Travel Jacket You Will Ever Need. (7)

Why is this the only travel jacket you’ll ever need? Which, by the way, also answer the question, “Why do I like this jacket so much?“. Well here are my reasons:

  1. Have you seen how much stuff you can pack into it? It literally is all you need when you’re out and about travelling – especially when you leave your luggage back at the hotel
  2. I already attempt to do all the stuff this jacket does with my regular jackets and fail miserably at this. I use a combo of a jacket, my camera bag and jeans pockets to attempt the same thing and not only do I have to leave stuff behind at home or in the hotel, I also end up so uncomfortable as I’m keeping things in pockets that they weren’t meant to be in
  3. It is bound to keep you warm when you’re out and about
  4. When you’re on a flight, it saves you the hassle of unnecessarily getting up from your seat to get stuff out of your hand luggage (e.g. headphones, books, glasses…etc)
  5. Airport security checks will be a breeze as you can just take off your jacket and be done with it instead of having to pretty much strip and crazily check all your pockets for any random stuff that will set off the sensors ….and leave you subject to spending more time at airport security (friendly as some of them might be, I’d rather spend this time sipping on my prosecco or checking our camera accessories that I never intend to buy, over at Duty Free).
  6. The jackets and sweat shirts are stuff that I would actually wear
  7. There are gloves built into the sleeves of the jacket if you ever need them! No more wondering where your other glove has gone because you forgot it at a cafe or left it at home. Also, gloves seem to take up a seemingly ridiculous amount of space in my camera bags so there’s that too!
  8. Did I mention how many pockets there are??? 🙂

Okay, I’m gonna stop going on an on about it now. Their official website (www.baubax.com) has all the full details along with their kickstarter page, though I think the video which truly brings to life what this jacket does. My only gripe with it is that I’ve missed the first two tiers for the blue jacket and now have to shell out $139 for the one that I want (including delivery).

This Is Probably The Only Travel Jacket You Will Ever Need. (1)

This Is Probably The Only Travel Jacket You Will Ever Need. (2)

This Is Probably The Only Travel Jacket You Will Ever Need. (3)

This Is Probably The Only Travel Jacket You Will Ever Need. (4)

Now, I really wanna know what you think! Is this something you would find useful when you travel (or not)?

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