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Breakfast is truly one of the most important meals of the days but surprisingly, the least most people put much effort into. It helps that there are lots of ways to have a ‘quick breakfast’ but considering how the right breakfast really helps shape up the start of your day – we really should make more of an effort to not only get the right kind of breakfast but one that you actually look forward to. My biggest criteria with breakfast however is that it keeps me full till lunch otherwise if I get snackish (and I know this is kinda short-sighted) I tend to indulge and effectively might as well have just had two breakfasts at the start! 🙂

A few weeks ago, Lloyd of The White List and I found out about a competition run by Total Greek Yoghurt and we figured we’d enter a recipe into the competition. Turns out we actually won and as a result, we’ll have our recipe on yoghurt pots in all department stores across the UK and a month’s supply of yoghurt as well!!! Whoop! Whoop!!! Pretty exciting stuff! (The photo above is of our winning recipe!) 🙂

And before I forget – here’s our recipe:

1.) Natural Greek Yoghurt

2.) Bananas

3.) Granola

4.) Chopped nuts (Hazelnuts were our main nuts but feel free to use whatever nuts you prefer)

5.) Honey

6.) Lemons

Throw it all in a jar, mix it up and you’ve got yourself one kicker healthy breakfast that will keep you fuller for longer – thanks to the bananas and granola! Feel free to experiment with other ideas too – my favourite diversion from this recipe is to throw in some chopped up strawberries! 🙂


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