Towering an almighty 2,000 feet (610 Metres) high, Preikestolen (or Pulpit rock as many people call it) is one challenge that we had always wanted to accomplish while in Norway! The fjords themselves have always captured my imaginations, their dramatic landscapes, beautiful lakes and quaint little villages always seems so inviting to me.

This year, we went on a great adventure from beautiful Bergen to Flåm on the most magical train journey, The Flåmsbana. If I’m honest, I really imagined that our last journey to Flåm would have left me satisfied – but no… If anything, it only made my want to explore so much more of the beautiful Norwegian landscape. Thankfully, our adventure up Pulpit rock came in no time at all 🙂

Getting to Pulpit Rock

One of the closest airports to Pulpit Rock is in Stavanger, a city in Rogaland County on the south western tip of Norway. Reaching the base of  Pulpit Rock can be a little tricky but becomes much easier if you have a car. We took a drive from Stavanger itself and hopped on-board one of the local transit ferries from Stavanger to Tau. It was a short 25 minute journey and a good time to stock up on some energy boosting snacks and a hot chocolate.

The Climb

We started a little later in the evening, which has its positives and negatives. Firstly, the trail was so much quieter and once we had reached Pulpit Rock we managed to have the whole “ledge” to ourselves – that alone was worth going a little later on…

… the downside would be the lighting, by the time we reached the summit, the evening had turned to dusk. Admittedly, it didn’t seem to get dark until midnight but its something work considering if you’re planning a late evening hike.

Be Prepared

Like we did on the ferry, stock up on lots of high energy, slow releasing snacks. Take some nuts, bananas and something that will release energy fast (and slow) – nobody likes a dizzy ascent. Wearing a good quality boot, coat and thermals is a must during the colder months. Also, be prepared for fast changing weather conditions especially around snow or rain.

What does it cost?

Nothing, just some sheer determination to climb Pulpit Rock and to see the Lyse Fjord 🙂

Fitness level

You don’t need to be an olympian to conquer Pulpit Rock but you do need a little perseverance, stamina and determination to hike when your legs become a little weary. Ten minutes of exercises before you start your hike will allow your muscles to stretch and prepare your legs for the hike ahead. Throughout the hike, take lots of little breaks rather than one big one and pair these breaks with milestones distances – even include a few delicious treats that will give you energy along your way.

Once you reach the top

Like every hike, safety has to be paramount on the Preikestolen plateau there are no barriers whatsoever so take care. Be careful and take note of the wind – the wind has a tendency to change quickly when at higher altitudes or around ravines.

Finally, enjoy the moment! The views at the top of Pulpit rock is spectacular. Take a moment to enjoy the view and relax, it’s a truly beautiful place.

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  • I’ve never really seen images of the pulpit rock in the winter or covered in snow! This is so unlike all the pictures i’ve seen in the summer. I love it! You guys must have been freezing on the way up, But the view is insane so it is probably worth it.

    x, Carina / Running White Horses – Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle

    • HandLuggageOnly

      yup – you’re spot on… we were freezing Carina – but it was totally our fault… next time we will pile on the layers and waterproofs!

      It was such a great experience – these pictures were taken really late at night too, so that might give you a different perspective. Either summer or winter, I totally agree with you…love this place!

      Lloyd 🙂 x

  • Ourgloballove

    What breathtaking views. You must have been freezing but it looks like the views were well worth it!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      You literally have no idea how cold I felt…. you know that kinda cold that has seemed to penetrate deep inside and you just cant get warm? Now multiply it by 10!

      It was well worth the cold – but next time I’m definitely wearing more layers!

      Lloyd 🙂 x

  • So beautiful, this is definitely on my bucketlist!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Norway is incredible Isabel – you will love it… just remember to wrap up warm! 🙂 x

  • Rasa Virviciute

    Norway is so beautiful, just breathtaking. And these photos somehow remind me a lot of Game of Thrones haha.

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Thanks Rasa – Totally agree with you on how breathtaking Norway is. Now you’ve said about Game of Thrones that’s all I can think about! 🙂

      I think you’re right – the dramatic landscape does remind me of it. 🙂 x

  • That is so utterly beautiful, it’s just shocking. I did a so-called “hillwalk” here in Ireland (read: insane hike) in the effing freezing rain and wind, and because of the word “hillwalk” (read:effing lie) we didn’t bring much food or water and hence nearly died. Would not be making that mistake again. Anyway, it looks utterly incredible, and I would LOVE to do that someday! Thanks for the inspiration xxx

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Haha! I have to admit I giggled so much reading about your adventure, Sarah! I totally think we were the same – as soon as I got back to the hotel I stayed under a hot shower for a good hour!!!

      I think we will only make that mistake once! 🙂

      • Hahaha you could’ve fooled me. You guys looked so prepared with your Luna bars! xx

  • Love this post! Your pictures are insane!! Norway is definitely on my 2016 bucketlist 😀 !!

    Warm Regards from London,

    Kay 😀

    • HandLuggageOnly

      Thanks so much Kay! You should definitely head to Norway… you can get reasonably cheap flights from London airports for as little as £30 return! It’s insane.

      You really will love it – especially as you take great pictures too – there are lots of opportunities for that! 🙂


  • Hardy and Hay

    Woooooow, guys! Thank you so much for sharing photographs of a place that I have thus far only DREAMED of! You got some great photos too,even if it was beginning to get dark(ish!).

    I’ve spent nearly every summer and winter since I was little walking mountains in the Lake District or in the Scottish Highlands, so I can vouch for how important it is to have some food, but above all, water! And decent footwear.

    A ‘walk’, ‘hill’, ‘hike’ or other such words can give the impression that it’s leisurely, like shopping…so not the case! haha! I imagine it was effing freezing at the top there, especially once you’d stopped for a few minutes – even the slightest amount of sweat makes you feel like you’re icing over if the wind is cold enough up there, doesn’t it?!

    I really enjoyed this post, and take my hat off to you regarding the photographs. Nature like this is so beautiful, but surprisingly challenging to capture, i think!


    • HandLuggageOnly

      Hey Flora

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

      You’re so right, water and footwear is so essential! We’d love to hike the Lake District, it always looks so pristine and natural (if that makes sense) 🙂

      And yup… it was so cold you cannot believe… by the time we made it back to the hotel rooms I think we both had an extra long soak in our baths! It was the kind of cold that went right into your bones… it took hours to feel warm again! Totally our fault though!

      Can’t wait to hear more about your hiking adventures! We might need some tips from you soon on the Lake District!

      Lloyd & Yaya x

  • Zara

    Always wanted to do this!! Looks stunning. Spurred me on even more to get on and explore Norway!

    • HandLuggageOnly

      That’s so great to hear Zara – It really is one of the most beautiful places in the world! Norway is pristinely beautiful!

      Can’t wait to hear about your own exploration of Norway. Let us know if you need any advice or tips… happy to help in any way we can x

      Lloyd 🙂

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