For me, Norway’s true appeal lies far from the bright lights of its cities, like Oslo (though that’s amazing too). That being said, Bergen is a bit of an exception though with its UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bryggen and this amazing view at Floyen. Seriously, nowhere else in the world looks or feels just like … Continue Reading

A trip to Norway is always one that leaves me excited – sometimes, far too excited to get a proper night’s kip and on our recent return to this amazing country, I managed to get barely any sleep while excitedly planning what we would be getting up to over the next week! Suffice it to … Continue Reading

Now when you’re in Geiranger, even if you’re not much of hiker (like myself), one thing you have to do is take a trek to a waterfall called Storseterfossen. Why do you have to go to Storseterfossen? Well, its pretty simple really – Storseterfossen is an amazingly powerful waterfall, high up in the mountains that … Continue Reading

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Oslo! So much so that I kinda wondered if the city had changed much since we visited (I certainly know London had since that time) and if I would even remember my way around the city (I felt like I kinda mastered it last time). For Georgia … Continue Reading

Arriving in Geiranger, one of the very first things I knew I had to do was to head to the spot where I could get that iconic view of the village and its fjord… well that and checking into the hotel (perhaps even for a little snooze?). As it turns out, the spot with the … Continue Reading

Norway’s beautiful fjords are the things of legends. They, are the reason in themselves alone, to visit this amazing country yet this being said, Norway is about so much more than its stunning fjords. There’s so much history, culture and a whole range of other idyllic natural sights worth seeing in Norway and one of the … Continue Reading

If you have been following our Instagram updates from the last week, you would have noticed that we had a marvellous opportunity to visit Bergen, Norway, which was a dream come true! Bergen has been on our lists of city-lust list for quite some time…. And it is with no surprise that I was happy … Continue Reading

Check our really short 39 second video with some rather EXCITING NEWS!!!

Oh, I’ve got to tell you about this place as I found it pretty special and I think you might too! See in Alesund, there are quite a few good hotels to stay in but if you’re looking for somewhere pretty special to stay in, you should look to spend a night in Molja Lighthouse. … Continue Reading

There are so many best places in Norway to visit. I mean, you’ve got the Troms region in the very north, Alesund on the west coast and lovely little places like Flåm that are nestled deep in the mountains. Plus, don’t even get me started with all the incredible fjords you should visit.  The whole … Continue Reading

I have an unbridled passion for Norway! But you probably already knew that. The first place I visited in Norway was Oslo and as charming as the city is my obsession with Norway only started when we went finally got see the Fjords. (First time was Aurlandsfjord, Sognefjord and Nærøyfjord. The second time was Lysefjord … Continue Reading

I maaaaay have over-indulged at dinner the night before. The good thing about that though – combined with the clear sea breeze meant that I slept rather soundly that night. (Seriously, nothing beats a good night’s sleep when you’re travelling). The next morning (after breakfast, of course), packed our bags, bade farewell to our hotel … Continue Reading

When you find yourself in Øye, there’s really only one place you should be staying in and that’s the Hotel Union Øye. Why? Hotel Union Øye is a very special place – this was THE place where the aristocracy from Europe stayed in and it’s a interesting part of Norway’s culture and history. The hotel has been … Continue Reading

The hike to Trolltunga can be quite tough but with views like these, it’s definitely worth it! Being one of the best hikes and scenic points in Norway, it really is an exhilarating place to visit. Once things for sure though, it’s not for the faint-hearted. 🗻 Trolltunga is a well over 1000 metres above … Continue Reading