Our trip to Iceland is coming round soon and as you can imagine, we’re all pretty excited about it. We’re going to be in Iceland for a lot longer than most places we visit in Europe and there’s a good group of us going so we’ve started the planning waaaay ahead of what I would … Continue Reading

New week, new feature! This week, we cast our spotlight onto Prague thank to Michaela. We love getting to find out more about cities from people who live in them and can share invaluable first hand details on things to see, do and eat in their cities! So, who is Michaela? Here’s more about her … Continue Reading

As we’ve stated time and time again, Hand Luggage Only is not just for a platform for us (Yaya and Lloyd) to share our thoughts, travels and insight with you – it’s (more importantly) for you and this is why we always get excited when we have a guest post! The best way to find out about … Continue Reading

Hello – the hallmark start to any half-decent conversation or interaction across the world. Considering how universal the greeting is – it kinda makes sense there there should be just one way to say but having just one word to greet each other with would rob the world of it’s diversity (and us travellers of … Continue Reading

Because Paris is always a good idea… but even a good idea can still prove quite expensive! One of the best parts about city life all over the world is the diverse array of ways to keep yourself entertained regardless of your tastes and this definitely holds true in the city of light (and love) … Continue Reading

Living in London is expensive! Yes, salaries are higher in London to compensate for it but compared to living in any other city in the UK (and even in the world), Londoners generally have to shell out a lot more money for the same standards of living compared to other cities. Now while there are … Continue Reading

It’s official! We’re heading back to Iceland! We definitely couldn’t stay away for too long and we’re looking forward to getting around and doing some of the stuff we did before and a lot more stuff we didn’t get to do the first time around (which doesn’t seem like much as we spent every waking … Continue Reading

At dinner a couple of nights ago, my friend and I were talking about goodness knows what (I can’t remember now to be honest but isn’t that the case with friends, you talk about everything and nothing) but then he mentioned how the Walkie Talkie building was open (that’s not the real name but that’s … Continue Reading

Part of the reason we started Hand Luggage Only was to connect with more people who share our passion for travel so I am always delighted when someone offers me some advice and tips on places in the world that they live in or travelled to especially so if I have never visited said place. … Continue Reading