7 Usual AND Unusual Things To Pack For Your Winter Travel! (2)

Winter time is one of my favourite times to travel. I’m a huge fan of holidays that are chock-a-block with sunshine (who isn’t?) but Winter holidays can be as exciting as summer holidays, especially when planned properly and stay nice and cosy! Not sure how? Well make sure you pack these with you when you go…

1.) Waterproof Backpack: You’re bound to go travelling carrying valuable things you definitely won’t want to get wet (or subjected to the elements) and the best way to venture our careless and carefree regardless of the weather is to get yourself a waterproof backpack to protect all your travel items.

2.) Thermos flask: The last thing you wanna do is cut your afternoon (or indeed evening) out short due to any warmth or hydration needs…. I sounds like a flask salesman here but it’s seriously handy to have one out and about with you. I usually have a water bottle around but in winter – a thermos beats a plastic bottle every time!

3.) Long Johns: Nice thermal underwear is a must! It’s a great way to stay warm and stay out for longer without getting miserable in the freezing cold.

4.) Touch Screen Gloves: That way, you never have to whip our your fingers in the freezing cold to use your phone and can keep them nice and toasty all the time!

5.) Moisturising Lotion: Cos that winter wind can be touch on your skin – particularly your hands and face!

6.) Torch: It gets a lot darker during winter so it’s nice to have yourself a handy torch around just in case. I know mobile phones have torches as well but the last thing you want to do is to have to whip out your phone anywhere you need a torch.

7.) Sunglasses: Because it still gets sunny even in Winter!

7 Usual AND Unusual Things To Pack For Your Winter Travel! (3)


8.) Sensible Shoes: The last thing you need is to go slipping and sliding in shoes that have no grip or leave your feet freezing! Winter time is not the time for ridiculous travelling so so stay sensible and stay safe.

9.) Warm Clothes: Duh! 🙂

10.) Umbrella: To stay dry!

7 Usual AND Unusual Things To Pack For Your Winter Travel! (1)

Winter travel packing list7 Essential Things You Have To Pack For Your Winter Travel!

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