Take a look, below, at some of the best cities to travel for the ultimate foodie! You’ll be stuffed. 

Photos And Postcards From Tokyo, Japan (9)

1.) Oaxaca, Mexico

The culinary destination of Mexico, Oaxaca packs in so much more than food. It’s a truly alternative holiday destination for most Mexico-holiday-planners, chock-a-block with stunning sights yet well renowned across the land for its food! A truly diverse holiday destination.

2.) Tokyo, Japan

Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world and a lot of this can be attributed to the diet. With clean yet exciting meals, Tokyo (and indeed Japan)  is a great destination for the more food-obsessed folks (like me!)

3.) Brussels, Belgium

The home of the Belgian Chocolate and the Belgian Waffle, I feel like there’s no need to explain why Brussels is on the list. Whenever in Brussels, I always end up indulging in the Belgian Waffles to the point of excess. I’m usually in one of two states in Brussels 1.) Not really hungry 2.) Eating waffles

4.) Paris, France

This is probably the most obvious culinary destination of the lot. Parisian food is synonymous with attention to detail and culinary masterpieces. Effectively, they know how to put things on a plate, me, you and the rest of the world love to eat!

5.) New Orleans, USA

The home of decadent creole, cajun and soul food – New Orleans is definitely the place to be if you’re a foodie looking to truly indulge in your passion.

6.) Hong Kong

Prior to arriving in Hong Kong, my friends who live there had always posted photos of delicious meals at some restaurant or the other and it wasn’t until I arrived in Hong Kong that I truly understood why. The meals are so varied here and so tasty! There are so many restaurants here so you’re never stuck for choice either. 

7.) Florence, Italy

Every meal that’s truly Italian tastes so much better in Florence. I don’t even know why this is the case it just is. Surrounded by all that beauty, it doesn’t even matter if you’re just picking up a pizza slice in one of pizzeria’s  off the main streets or seated in a really nice restaurant – the food is truly spectacular.

8.) New Delhi, India

Indian food is a staple diet in so many countries across the world. In the UK, it still remains amongst the most popular meals of choice and so you can imagine (rightly so too) that any foodie worth their weight in gold would jump at the choice to experience Indian cuisine first hand!

9.) Marrakesh, Morocco

The sheer range of spices and flavours available make Marrakesh the ideal place to truly unleash your inner foodie! I love my food hot and spicy and this is the perfect place for that but the meals truly range and some are a lot milder than others. Pick which way you want to go with spiciness but do venture out of your comfort zone here.

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