Despite an unseasonably warm start, winter has finally hit and even though I’m all for sunshine, t-shirt weather and cocktails by the beach, when the cold sets in, there’s nothing I like more than to lean into the frostiness that winter brings with it.

I am a huge believer of making the most of what you have and so when it gets cold, my mind turns towards the most amazing cold places I’d love to be in right now.

N.B.: London doesn’t really do cold. What we do here is rain… and lots of it too! If it snows, even just a little bit here, everything shuts down! 🙂

Our ‘snow day’ threshold is a lot lower than a lot of other places in Europe (and we’re happy about that) 🙂 but I digress…

Here are 5 freezing cold places I’d love to be in right now.

1.) Iceland

Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss Waterfalls in Iceland plus Icelandic Lamb and rainbows (2)

I’m pretty open to going anywhere in Iceland. It’s one of the places where I could very happily call home and our trips to Iceland have done nothing but cement that feeling even further.

2.) Lofoten, Norway

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Another long time love of mine, the Lofoten islands are not only beautiful around this time of the year but they’re also a great place to see the Northern Lights!

3.) Lapland (Sweden/Finland)


Swedish Lapland, Finnish Lapland – it doesn’t matter – I’d happily go to one or the other or perhaps even both! I’ve never really seen Lapland as a place you’re only strictly meant to visit at Christmas or during winter for that matter but I have to admit, there’s something really special about the idea of being holed up in a warm and toasty cabin watching the snowfall outside.

4.) Svalbard, Norway

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I. Can’t. Even! Like seriously, this is one extreme place in Europe I’ve wanted to visit for quite a while now. Just look at that dramatic landscape and ALL OF THAT SNOW!

5.) Greenland

Huskies, Reindeers And The Night The Northern Lights Came Out To Play! (1)

Greenland is like Iceland’s larger (yet less populous sister) and although Iceland is definitely the more popular destination to visit, trips to Iceland have only served to pique my curiosity about what Greenland must be like.

As with Iceland, I’m not too fussed about where in Greenland I visit, I just want to see it all!

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