There are so many of the best things to do in the Faroe Islands that you’ll actually struggle to find a starting point. I mean, the Faroe Islands are a gorgeous little country, perched in between Iceland and Scotland.

And, you know what, they’re too incredible to miss! These volcanic islands are a picture-perfect place to explore, especially as the landscape feels so unspoilt, cared for and totally pristine. 

I’m already itching to go back to the Faroe Islands, it really was just stunning.

One of the best ways I’ve found to describe the islands is like an Iceland without even a fraction of the visitors. Whilst exploring the island, I almost felt like we were the only ones here. It felt so idyllic and dreamy.

Anyway, before I ramble on anymore, I wanted to share a map I created to help you plan some of the best things to do in the Faroe Islands.

Take a look below and with any of our posts, pop us a message or comment if you need any help planning your Faroe Islands adventure. 

1.) See the puffins of Mykines

12 Things You Have To See In The Faroe Islands

Who are they you ask; puffins!

Mykines a tiny little island on the west coast of Vagar Island. There are two, relatively easy ways to get here. The first is by helicopter from the main airport.

The flight is around 6 minutes and prices are relatively low (around $40). Thankfully, there’s no need to break your piggy bank for this helicopter transit!

If you’d prefer to stay away from the skies, you can head over to Mykines via ferry, too. Honestly, you’ll love seeing these gorgeous little puffins – they’re not even the slightest bit scared either. A truly unforgettable experience and one of the best things to do in the Faroe Islands.

It’s best to visit in the summer months, you’ll be sorely disappointed if you visit in winter when the puffins aren’t in residence.

2.) Find Mulafossur Waterfall

The Most Amazing Waterfall In The Faroe Islands! (26)

Mulafossur waterfall is around 20 minutes drive from the main airport of the Faroe Islands, head west in your car and explore this gorgeous coastline and tiny little village.

If you head here around early evening, head towards the coast overlooking Tindhólmur Island. It really is one of the best things to do in the Faroe Islands when you go out exploring in the car. 

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3.) Hike to Lake Sørvágsvatn

Sørvágsvatn is one of the most dramatic lakes I’ve ever seen. It literally falls off the edge of the cliffs right into the sea below. It’ll take you around 1 hour to hike to the edge of the cliffs (especially from the road) so make sure you take your comfy shoes… I fell flat on my face in a muddy puddle!

Also, just a warning, these cliffs are VERY high – if the Atlantic winds are gushing, make sure to stand away from the edge. It’s better to be safe (regardless of how cool a photo might look).

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4.) Ride the waves around Vestmanna

Around The Faroe Islands In 80 Minutes! (49)

The coastline around Vestmanna is a beautiful place to discover.

Around The Faroe Islands In 80 Minutes! (56)

Head to the town itself and take one of the boat tours of the towering cliffs of the Faroe Islands. It’s a beautiful way to spend a few hours exploring this unspoilt landscape.

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5.) Find the gorgeous Saksun Church

On the west of the Faroe Islands, Saksun Church is a quaint little house of worship on the island of Streymory.

You’ll notice on a few houses around this area, it almost feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Two Of Europe's Smallest Villages That You Have To Visit In The Faroe Islands (4)

Spend an hour or so exploring the area, waterfalls and the lakes nearby.

Now, how can you get any better than this, eh? It really is one of the best things to do in the Faroe Islands.

6.) Explore the highest waterfall in the country, Fossa Waterfall 

What Is It Like To Visit The Faroe Islands? (8)

Near Nesvík on Streymoy Island, Fossa Waterfall is pretty easy to find, especially as it’s just off one of the main roads on the island.

Though, be warned, when I say ‘main road’ it usually gets like one car ever fifteen minutes.

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7.) Head over to Gjógv

Two Of Europe's Smallest Villages That You Have To Visit In The Faroe Islands (28)

After exploring Fossa Waterfall, drive across to Gjógv, a quaint little village on the dramatic coastline.

Two Of Europe's Smallest Villages That You Have To Visit In The Faroe Islands (32)

Take a wander around the stunning wooden houses and see an authentic village that’s lovely to visit.

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8.) Walk the shores around Sund

What Is It Like To Visit The Faroe Islands? (2)

Perched a little north of the capital city, Tórshavn, the sea inlets around Sund are a perfect place to stop and admire the dramatic landscape of this country (gosh, I’m aware of how many times I’ve said dramatically; but it really is).

Wander the peaceful shores that are easily reached from the airport by the underground sea tunnels that go beneath the ocean and link the islands together. Surreal, right?

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9.) Watch the Sunset at Syðradalur

Facing the tiny island of Koltur, Syðradalur is a stunner of an area that is easily reached from the capital. It’s around 25 minutes, or so, by the car and pretty easy to visit.

The drive here is on the older road that crawls on top of the mountainsides, it offers some incredible views, especially at sunset.

10.) Ride a horse across the country

Horse Riding In The Faroe Islands... (42)

Not many people know but the Faroe Islands have their own unique breed of horses that were almost extinct and still threatened as Icelandic Horses were brought over to the islands.

When we visited, we rode the Icelandic horses (at this place) as apparently they have nicer personalities and apparently the local horses lip to nip a little and are very stubborn (sounds a bit like me!).

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11.) Visit the oldest Parliament location in the world

What Is It Like To Visit The Faroe Islands? (20)

Tinganes is one of the oldest areas of Torshavn, the capital city of the Faroe Islands. Not only that, but it’s also one of the oldest governmental and parliament meeting points across the whole world.

Steeped in history and historic grass-roofed buildings, it’s a gorgeous place to explore whilst in this tiny city.

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12.) Speed across the Atlantic Ocean

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-fuelled experience, hop on board the RIB 62 boats that shoot off into the chilly North Atlantic ocean.

I swear, it was so fast and I didn’t stop screaming but it was well worth it once we headed into the gorgeous little caves and unreachable coastlines of some of the smaller islands.

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