The Faroe Islands has to be one of the best countries in the world to discover a piece of the world’s unspoilt natural beauty. Its dramatic landscapes, cloud-scraping peaks and stunning wildlife will without a doubt leave you in awe! Just like visits to other natural sites across the world, every trip (and what you’ll be … Continue Reading

A guide to the Faroe Islands is always helpful, especially if it’s your first visit. Nestled in between the tip of Scotland and Iceland, this tiny island nation is one of Europe’s most picturesque countries to explore. The Faroe Islands may well look a million miles away, but it’s a lot closer (and more accessible) than you might … Continue Reading

We’re currently in the Faroe Islands and to say this trip has been a long time coming, is something of an understatement! We’d been planning and looking forward to this trip for a while. Needless to say, our expectations were quite high as soon as we arrived. We’ve been constantly Snapchatting (@ Hand Luggage Only) … Continue Reading

The capital city of the Faroe Islands is small, there’s no denying that. Though, don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t know what to do in Torshavn. There are loads to see and do!  Think of a European capital, any capital. It’ll probably be a global city like London, Paris, Berlin, or Rome? ✈️ I’m … Continue Reading

There are so many amazing things to see in the Faroe Islands. I mean, where do you start. It’s a tiny archipelago that packs a hefty punch in experiences for us travellers. From a whole heap of waterfalls, more sheep than people and an incredible lake that sits on the edge of a cliff, the … Continue Reading

There are so many of the best things to do in the Faroe Islands that you’ll actually struggle to find a starting point. I mean, the Faroe Islands are a gorgeous little country, perched in between Iceland and Scotland. And, you know what, they’re too incredible to miss! These volcanic islands are a picture-perfect place … Continue Reading

There’s something so incredible about visiting the Nordic Countries, I’m not sure if it’s the crisp air or stunning scenery, but there’s something so special about this region. This is especially true with all the best places in the Nordic countries to visit.  The best part about these countries though is that there’s such a … Continue Reading

As mentioned before, the Saksunarvegur route eventually leads to Saksun and while on the face of it, Saksun might sound like your regular tint little village, once you arrive here, you soon realise why it’s so special and unlike any other village you’ve ever visited. Reason – the view here is absolutely incredible! We’re talking … Continue Reading

In the village of Gasadalur lies a waterfall you’ve no doubt come across on the internet at some point or the other. Even if you don’t realise you have… As soon as we hopped off the boat at Vestmanna, we decided to make the most of the free time before the next thing on our … Continue Reading

Yup, that’s right – there’s a cliff lake in the Faroe Islands called Sørvágsvatn. And there’s no guessing needed – it is as high as it looks! With the cliffs heading vertically over 100 metres to the ocean below, the cliff lake in the Faroe Islands is one incredible place you have to see. I mean, just … Continue Reading

A visit to the Faroe Islands has always been a dream of mine… ever since I discovered all about them many a year ago! I’d love to tell you a long, romanticised story of how I longed to visit the Faroe Islands since I was a young boy…etc but honestly, I only really knew they existed once I started … Continue Reading

By this point you already know how much and why we wanted to visit the Faroe Island so I’m just gonna skip that part and take you right through to our arrival in the islands. By the way, if you’re a fan of Iceland, you’ll no doubt be a huge fan of the Faroe Islands. … Continue Reading

Much as we would have liked to explore a Buttercup route that after leaving the pretty little village of Gasadalur (which is home to that amazing waterfall), we had to hot-footed it across the island back to the capital city of Torshavn where we had plans to try our hands at some Faroese rib boating! These … Continue Reading

After horse riding around the stunning Faroese countryside, we headed back to the hotel to ‘thaw out’. It was sunny but that wind still carried a chill that only excitement seemed to combat (you know, one of those moments where its only once you get off the horse you realise how cold you really are). … Continue Reading