Scandinavia is an incredible region of Europe to visit! It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Norway, Sweden, Denmark or countries like the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Finland – there’s a whole heap of incredible things to see do, and of course, gobble down! Of course, with everyone vying for the enviable rights to be Scandinavian, there’s … Continue Reading

Iceland is a beautiful country to visit and one of the most unique when it comes to things to see and do! A first-time visit to Iceland is an exciting prospect, with lots to plan, see and not forgetting eat! The whole country is as diverse as you can imagine, with volcanic activity, thermal pools, … Continue Reading

There’s something so incredible about visiting the Nordic Countries, I’m not sure if it’s the crisp air, stunning scenery, delicious food or just the cute and colourful little towns but I always leave them with a deep longing to return. The best part about these countries though is that there’s such a diversity in scenery and landscape here … Continue Reading

Iceland is a pretty cool place and not just in the temperate sense… *ba-dum-ching* 😉 …cheesy (and terrible) dad jokes aside, Iceland is one of the best places to discover an unspoilt nature and breathtaking beauty that is unrivalled across the world! Any trip to Iceland is almost always going to be exciting… where else can … Continue Reading

Iceland is one of the most breathtaking countries to explore in, dare I say it, all the world! Its dramatic landscape gives us travellers some of the best opportunities to discover how unique and stunningly beautiful our world truly is! There are so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you should have whilst visiting Iceland, from; the magnificent glacial waterfalls that … Continue Reading

Thinking of visiting Iceland? One thing’s for sure – you won’t be disappointed! This beautiful island country is one of the very best places to discover a natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the world. Where in the world can you see geothermal geysers, the northern lights and icebergs all in one place! Creating the … Continue Reading

A trip to Iceland is almost incomplete without a visit to it’s capital city, Reykjavik and to be honest, you’re probably going to be flying into the airport nearby anyway so you might as well pop into the city. Iceland’s many natural wonders attract visitors throughout the year but Reykjavik is easily one of the … Continue Reading

Iceland is the dream destination of pretty much every traveller I’ve spoken to. Having visited Iceland twice now for week-long spells, it’s safe to say that I totally understand why. The landscape is so amazing, dramatic and unlike anywhere else in the world, the people are friendly, it’s safe and the food is pretty fantastic too! … Continue Reading

Personally, I’m more of a summer kinda guy but the best thing to do with any season, regardless of personal preference, is always to make the most of it. In summer, get outside, have as many alfresco lunches as you dare and spent many lazy weekends napping underneath the sun in the park but come … Continue Reading