This probably needs no introduction and is pretty much a staple of any trip to Iceland! We planned this for the tail end of our trip as it’s pretty close to the airport and it’s a nice way to relax after an activity filled trip to Iceland. Here’s what we got up to when we … Continue Reading

It was originally meant to be a 5 course meal but (to our delight) the food just kept coming out of the kitchen! The night after we saw the Northern Lights at Hotel Laki (which is an amazing place to stay and ideal to see the Northern Lights), we woke up bright and early for … Continue Reading

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now! A trip to Iceland is amazing in itself but seeing the Northern Lights is truly the perfect cherry on that cake! But more on that later on in this post…. Now, long before arriving in Iceland I was already looking forward to visiting Hotel … Continue Reading

Dyr-what now? I know – it’s quite a tongue twister, isn’t it? Dyrhólaey is a magnificent little spot with not much else around it but grand natural landscapes. Itis one of those places in Iceland that you never really hear people talk about and is sometimes considered as off the beaten track but is definitely … Continue Reading

After we left the Frost and Fire hotel, we headed straight for our next stop and a personal favourite of mine – Seljalandsfoss en-route to Hotel Skogafoss for lunch. Seljalandsfoss is the waterfall in Iceland where you can walk behind and I was excited to show Georgia and Chris who hadn’t seen it before… It’s … Continue Reading

If you ever find yourself driving in Iceland, you will find that you will have to make many impromptu road stops just to take in the landscape and take in a few photos. Try as you might, no one can resist doing this and it is this very act that led the 4 of us … Continue Reading

This was already high up on my list of unique experiences to have in Iceland and regardless of the weather, we were intent on doing it. Turns out, the weather was indeed awful everywhere else but when we turned up the rather scenic drive to Hestheimar, the weather quite literally took a turn for the better. … Continue Reading

We arrived in Iceland to find that there was a storm warning (which we chose to ignore) but the next day, we woke up to find a couple of distressing emails. Activities we had booked for the weekend had all been cancelled due to the storm! Turns out the storm was going to be one … Continue Reading

This is the 2nd part of this post, if you missed part 1 – catch it here! The photos were waaay too many to fit into one post hence why it is split across two posts! Okay, so where were we? Right, we were still at the Laugarvatn Fontana, where I’d made the decision to … Continue Reading

By now you already know we’ve spent the last week in Iceland! And boy was it a fun and rather action packed week! 🙂 We did so much and saw so much and needless to say, I’ve been itching to tell you all about it! I put up posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to … Continue Reading

Plus, a cheeky snap I took of the Northern Lights last night! As you already know, we’re in Iceland – hence why you may not have been hearing much from us lately but I’ve been updating out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with some (just some) of the experiences we’ve had so far! Just in case … Continue Reading

Hey!!! We’ve just arrived in the airport in Reykjavik and I just had to write this post rather quickly. (The next challenge will be to actually find WiFi so I can post this!) This is a rather quick update to let you know we’ve just arrived in Iceland and as you can imagine -it’s… er… … Continue Reading

One of the many joys of a trip to Iceland is learning to (or at least trying to) pronounce Icelandic names and perhaps, one of the more fun ones to try to pronounce is the Eyjafjallajökull volcano…but more on that later. The first time I saw the Northern Lights was by no means unplanned. The first … Continue Reading

Iceland is home to some amazing waterfalls and seeing as the capital is Reykjavik, chances are you’re most likely going to be flying into Reykjavik when you arrive in Iceland so you might as well see 3 of the most impressive waterfalls in Southern Iceland (where Reykjavik is). I promised myself I would have this post up before … Continue Reading