Iceland is the most incredible country to explore. With stunning natural sites, erupting volcanoes and small cities like Reykjavik to visit, it’s the kind of country that you can visit year after year and never really see it all. This all makes it really important to book the very best trips in Iceland when you visit. 

Now one thing that’s important in Iceland is to plan, plan, plan! Whether you drive to the best Icelandic spots, book a heap of excursions or plan to hike these epic spots in Iceland, just make sure to plan. 

You see, Iceland has a relatively limited infrastructure and hotels, tours and experiences can sell out in peak times. This is especially important to remember if you’re travelling across the country (where services are a little more sparse).

So, to help you choose the very best trips in Iceland to book, check out our list below. Have the most incredible time visiting Iceland. 

1.) Whale Watching Tours

Best Trips In Iceland To Book

Whale watching is simply one of the best activities to do in Iceland; hands down! Now, there are a few places to board a whale-watching tour in Iceland; with the easiest being Reykjavik Harbour. 

Best Trips In Iceland To Book whale watching

Just make sure to book your whale-watching yacht tour in advance, tickets in peak times can fill up fast. Plus, once the boat is full… it’s full! The tour takes around 3 hours (but it always gives more) and it’s totally incredible. 

Boats can be directly boarded at Reykjavik’s harbour and it’s totally worth it to see the minke, orca, sperm and humpbacks. It’s well worth it, even if you don’t see all of them on one trip. 

Best Trips In Iceland To Book whale watching tour

If you want to book this fast RIB boat, for an incredible whale-watching tour. It’s totally fun and the spotters can act quickly if whales are spotted. 

Oh, and a friendly reminder that this activity is not for people who have weak and shaky stomachs.

Remember, it is weather-dependent, so if you’re dead set on whale watching, be sure to book your tickets a few days before you leave Iceland. This way, you can reschedule the whale-watching tour if the sea gets a bit too choppy. 

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2.) See Game of Thrones locations

Best Trips In Iceland To Book

Regardless if you’re into Game of Thrones, it’s well worth visiting some of the epic vistas where the series was shot in Iceland. 

Now, what I would say is that it’s not necessary to book to see these sites. It’s totally easy if you have a car and a great way to see the wider island. 

Sites like the Myrdalsjokull Glacier, Dyrhólaey, Thingvellir National Park and many more are all within the series. 

That being said, if you do want to book one of the best trips in Iceland, then go for Extreme Iceland’s tour. The locations include the place where Sansa Stark made her way to the Vale and the place where Arya and The Hould walked together.

Best of all, it’s the kind of tour that’s not just for Game of Thrones fans. The locations are spectacular, so if you’re a fan, don’t miss the chance to see these memorable sites in person. 

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3.) Visit the Blue Lagoon

Best Trips In Iceland To Book Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is easily one of Iceland’s most famous spots to visit.

Now, over the last decades, the Blue Lagoon has become much more popular.

So, be sure to book your Blue Lagoon tickets (with mud mask included) in advance. Yes, it is a big space but it’s always worth booking just in case you’re being very efficient with your plans. 

Best Trips In Iceland To Book Blue Lagoon

To make things easier, book this Blue Lagoon ticket that also includes transfers from Reykjavik, too. It makes the trip totally easy, especially as it’s about 40 minutes from central Reykjavik.

You might need to pay a little more than your usual budget to experience the Grindavik’s baths which are naturally heated, so make sure that you make the most out of your stay.

Get a good swim around the lagoon and rub the white mud on your face and body.

Best Trips In Iceland To Book Sky Lagoon

Alternatively, book these tickets to visit the Sky Lagoon (with its 7-step ritual spa) which is just shy of Reykavik itself.

Here, you can chill out and it’s a stone’s throw away from the city centre. 

4.) Reykjanes Peninsula Tour

Best Way To Visit The Erupting Volcano In Fagradalsfjall, Iceland

One of the best ways to describe the Reykjanes Peninsula is by saying it’s near the main airport of Keflavik.

Not too far from Reykavik, this area is a pretty accessible place to book the very best trips in Iceland. 

Best Way To Visit The Erupting Volcano In Fagradalsfjall, Iceland

Here, you’ll find magnificent Reykjanes Lighthouse, rocky coastlines, and geothermal hot spots (hello, Blue Lagoon and the Seltun Hot Spring) that can be found in the area.

Plus you’ve got one of the most recent volcanically active sites this side of Iceland and the Bridge Between the Continents that crosses the tectonic plate that’s pulling Iceland apart. 

Make sure to book this guided tour that includes so many of these sites. It’s totally worth it and a great way to explore the great outdoors in Iceland. 

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5.) Glymur Waterfall Tour

Best Iceland Tours To Book On Your Trip-19

Love a good hike? Then you’re going to be spoilt for choice in Iceland. If your definition of a perfect day is hiking and seeing waterfalls, Glymur is the right place for you.

To get here, book this guided tour and hike that departs from Reykjavik which is totally incredible.  

The hike to Glymur is definitely one of the best experiences and brings you to Iceland’s second-highest waterfall. As you go on the journey to Glymur, make sure you appreciate the gems along the way and take lots of time to rest and stop to take in the views.

By booking this tour, you’ll also get to stop off at Hvammsvík Hot Springs. Which is great for your muscles, too. 

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6.) Golden Circle Tour

Best Trips In Iceland To Book geysir

Probably the most famous route in Iceland, this incredible Golden Circle tour takes in some of the most popular sites in Iceland. 

Along the way, you’ll get to stop off at Gullfoss waterfall, and Thingvellir (to name a few). You can visit a museum on Thingvellir or just clearly look at the continental drift between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.

Oh, and don’t forget to spot Geysir, which is another amazing location where you can see geysers, steaming landscapes, and bubbling mud posts. Lastly, visit one of the most wonderful waterfalls in Iceland, Gullfoss. Oh, and if you’ve got time on the tour, you’ll also get to stop off at the Kerid Crater. 

Just be sure to book your Golden Circuit tour in advance of your trip. It’s one of the very best trips in Iceland and can get very popular.

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7.) South Coast Tour

Best Trips In Iceland To Book waterfall

The south coastline of Iceland is just stunning. It’s the perfect place to book this guided full-day tour of southern Iceland. This means you don’t have to stress about the long drives and focus solely on the scenery. 

Here, you can enjoy the Seljalandsfoss waterfall which is 60 metres high along with the Skogafoss waterfall and the amazing black sand beaches at Reynisfjara.

Best Trips In Iceland To Book waterfall

Make sure you allot a big part of your day for this South Coast trip since the trip alone takes more than five hours. This is where a guided tour with transfers helps.

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8.) Northern Lights Tour

Best Trips In Iceland To Book Northern Lights Tour

If you plan to visit Iceland outside the months of summer, booking this small-group tour to see the Northern Lights is a must.

Departing from Reykjavik, it’s a great way to head out and safely spot the northern lights away from any light pollution. 

Yes, you can do it alone (if you have a car) but this small group tour is so good and you’ve got the experts onboard with you.

Obviously, you’ll want to watch the dancing lights in the sky, but make sure to practice how to take Northern Lights pictures before heading out. It can be quite difficult to capture on a DSLR camera. 

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9.) Snæfellsnes Peninsula Tour

Best Trips In Iceland To Book natural sites

Snaefellsnes Peninsula is one of the most accessible regions to explore when arriving in Iceland.

With its glorious scenery, the two-hour drive from the capital is definitely worth it. You can find the fantastic Kirkjufell mountain in this place, and make sure you take a hundred of good photos.

If the weather is good during your visit, a hike on the magnificent Snaefellsjokull Glacier is another memorable thing to do. You can also visit the Búðir Church for some quiet time and spot seals later on at Ytri-Tunga Beach.

To make your trip nice and easy, book this incredible tour that departs from Reykjavik and takes around 12 hours. It’s one of the very best trips in Iceland that’s actually quite far from Reykjavik.

By having a guide and driver, you make it so much easier on yourself. 

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10.) Hraunfossar & Barnafoss

Hraunfossar & Barnafoss are two waterfalls located in West Iceland and one of the very best trips in Iceland to book whilst exploring this region.

Here, you can see the bright blue-coloured water which has black lava rocks on the bottom that is so stunning. Plus, you can walk around the area and take in the sheer scale and beauty of this natural place.

The whole trip might take around five hours from Reykjavik and back but this should not be a problem as you will be accompanied by a good view during your journey.

If you don’t fancy driving, book this guided tour from Reykjavik. It includes spots like Hraunfossar and Deildartunguhver. Plus,  visit the iconic Viðgelmir Lava Cave, too. 

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11.) Vestmannaeyjar Tour

Best Trips In Iceland To Book

The Westmann Islands can be found off the south coast and is one of the best trips in Iceland to book if you want to see a more rural way of life. 

Best Trips In Iceland To Book island

Book this private Vestmannaeyjar tour from Reykjavik will take you across to this volcanic island. You’ll even take the ferry over from Landeyjahöfn, too. 

Best Trips In Iceland To Book islands

Plus, you’ll get to check out Heimaey and visit the Beluga Whale Sanctuary. It’s such a special experience. 

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22 Very Best Things To Do In Iceland

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