There’s good reason why millions of Europeans (and indeed, travellers from all over the world) flock to the Mediterranean islands, year in year out.

These islands at the very bottom of Europe, are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe – not to mention how they pretty much guaranteed to have amazing summer weather and a relaxed pace of life that makes them pretty much ‘holiday ready’ from the moment you step foot on them. It’s the stuff of dreams really… 🙂

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Thing is, the islands here are all part of different European countries (Greece, Spain, Italy, France…etc) and as a result, there’s so much choice on offer here – only downside is that it can sometimes be tricky to figure out which one to visit!

Ideally, we’d like to visit them all but seeing as this isn’t necessarily feasible, especially over one summer holiday season, we’ve put together 10 beautiful Med islands you have to visit when you’re thinking of your next holiday!

10 Beautiful Mediterranean Islands You Have To Visit (5)

1.) Santorini

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Santorini, in the Aegean Sea, lies off the coast of Greece and is famous for having been formed by a massive volcanic eruption. Now you can visit the caldera and enjoy the gorgeous azure waters that stretch into the distance.

2.) Cyprus

10 Beautiful Mediterranean Islands You Have To Visit (6)

Cyprus often seems to be made up of eclectic parts that come together to make the whole. With that in mind, expect Roman ruins, Byzantine buildings, Venetian palaces, and a strong Turkish influence in the north.

3.) Formentera

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Located to the south of Ibiza, Formentera is often said to more closely resemble the Caribbean than the Mediterranean. This island is tiny compared to many others in the region but visitors flock here for the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

4.) Sicily

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If you are looking for a bit of culture then look no further than stunning Sicily. The island is studded with Roman architecture and makes a great stop off if you are visiting mainland Italy.

5.) Mallorca

10 Beautiful Mediterranean Islands You Have To Visit (4)

A firm favourite with families, Mallorca in Spain is the largest island in the Balearics (which is also made up of Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera – along with some other really tiny islands). The beaches here are world famous and the seas are known for being shallow and gentle, making this the perfect spot for children.

6.) Corfu

10 Beautiful Mediterranean Islands You Have To Visit (7)

A picturesque Greek island, Corfu lies in the Ionian Sea. Highlights on this island include beautiful beaches as well as a water-park and horse riding activities.

7.) Ibiza

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For those looking for a bit of a party, look no further than Ibiza, one of the main party islands in the world. Clubs and bars cover this island and famous DJs from all over the world come to play here. Do remember though that there’s so much more to this island than just partying and indeed, there are many reasons why you should visit outside of peak season.

8.) Patmos

10 Beautiful Mediterranean Islands You Have To Visit (1)

Just off the coast of Greece, Patmos is known for being an important site for Christian pilgrims. Visitors also flock here for the rugged volcanic landscapes and cobalt blue seas.

9.) Mykonos

10 Beautiful Mediterranean Islands You Have To Visit (2)

Known as a Greek summer paradise, Mykonos has gained a steady reputation over recent years for being one of the most beautiful Greek islands to visit (as well as for being a party destination in certain parts of the island and at certain times of the year).

10.) Malta

10 Beautiful Mediterranean Islands You Have To Visit (3)

Malta has the claim to fame of having 300 days of sunshine every single year, so if you like sunny skies then this is the place for you. The island is also steeped in history as well as being surrounded by beautifully clear waters and pristine sand.

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