Perched at the very tip of Spain, the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar is one totally unique and gorgeous place to visit. Even though it’s relatively small, there’s a heap of the best things to do in Gibraltar dotted all around the rock.  

This all makes it a perfect place to visit if you’re on a day trip from Spain, or a wider holiday to Gibraltar itself.

However long you choose, I want to share some of the top places to visit once you arrive. This way, the only thing you’ll need to worry about are those pesky monkeys! 

Have an amazing time visiting Gibraltar.

1.) Dolphin boat tour

Best things to do in Gibraltar dolphin tour

One of the great things about Gibraltar is that it’s fully surrounded by the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. This all means that there are a heap of wildlife, including dolphins that frequent the shores and the wider Strait of Gibraltar.

Make sure to book this Gibraltar dolphin tour before arriving. This four-hour tour is totally incredible from start to finish.  Just be sure to book ahead because believe me when we say that it is a popular activity that gets filled up.

Onboard, you’ll have a spotter and a qualified skipper that will take you to some of the dolphin’s favourite spots. Not only that, you’ll even get to see the views of nearby Morocco and the coastline as you surf the strait. 

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2.) Gibraltar Skywalk

Best things to do in Gibraltar Skywalk

You have not been to Gibraltar unless you have walked across the Gibraltar Skywalk. Well, obviously you have but it’s one of the best things to do in Gibraltar for views.

Trust me, the views from the Gibraltar Skywalk are spectacular. In fact, you’ll be able to see the continent of Africa and across to Spain whilst overlooking the area. 

Now, the glass floor can be a bit daunting if you’re scared of heights. That being said, the glass has been tested and can hold the weight of over 300+ people. 

Afterwards, head over to Amar’s Kosher Bakery for some of the best coffee and tasty pastries. 

3.) Go to Europe Point

Best things to do in Gibraltar View

Perched in the South District, visiting Europe Point is one of the best things to do in Gibraltar when travelling around the area

The area is gorgeous and you have to make sure to check out the Europa Point Lighthouse and pop over to Harding’s Battery.

Best things to do in Gibraltar lighthouse

Europe Point is a 19th-century old lighthouse that has a chapel and a mosque.

Best things to do in Gibraltar view

This is the best place for history lovers to go to learn about the history of Gibraltar and well worth taking a gander if you’re wanting to step away from the streets. 

Best things to do in Gibraltar mountain rock

Afterwards, book a table at Bistro Point Restaurant for a gorgeous sunset dinner. The views from here are lovely. 

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4.) O’Hara Battery (and highest point) 

Best things to do in Gibraltar Battery

One of the highest points on the rock, visiting the O’Hara Battery is one of the best things to do in Gibraltar for views. 

It’s around 425 meters high but feels even higher at the top. Trust me when I say, this destination is worth it… even if it is a trek.

Once used as a military base, O’Hara’s Battery is now visitable (but does close at some points in the year). 

Best things to do in Gibraltar

Take your time up the steep staircase. Just keep your eyes peeled for those pesky monkeys.

Best things to do in Gibraltar monkeys

They can be pretty demanding if they see you eating or drinking. 

5.) Gibraltar Cable Car

Best things to do in Gibraltar cable car

Fancy scaling the rock without any arduous walk or hike? Then get yourself over to the Gibraltar Cable Car which takes only 6 minutes to climb over 400 metres. 

At the top station, and on the way up, you’ll get a scenic view of all of Gibraltar and the surrounding region. 

Oh, and don’t forget you can pop down (from the top station) to St Michael’s Cave. It’s well worth going inside and easy to pair up both activities on one trip up the rock. 

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6.) St. Michael’s Cave

Best Things To Do In Gibraltar caves

St. Michael’s Cave is a glorious area to explore and totally worth seeing if you fancy a day away from the sun. It is stunning and has taken thousands of years for mother nature to create.

Honestly, the stalagmites and stalactites are marvellous to see and totally huge. You see, St. Michael’s Cave is the largest on the island.

Another experience that you should check out is the Cathedral Cave where an underground concert hall seats 400 people. Pretty cool, right? 

7.) The Great Siege Tunnels

Best things to do in Gibraltar tunnel

Exploring the tunnels of the Great Siege is like travelling into a different place entirely. It’s so unique and one of the best things to do in Gibraltar if you want to gain an insight into the history of this area. 

You see, they were built many centuries ago, to help Britain hold onto attacks from neighbouring Spain and France. 

Best things to do in Gibraltar view

It’s open every day to visit and the entry cost is included in the Nature Reserve cost. that you’ll pay. The last entry is just after 5 pm, so don’t leave it too late. 

8.) Main Street and Casemates Square

Best things to do in Gibraltar

Exploring a new place is totally exciting! And Gibraltar has lots of spots to visit as you traverse the rock and surrounding shoreline. 

One of the largest public spaces, visiting Casemates Square is one of the best things to do in Gibraltar for a chilled day of food, drinks and strolls.

Afterwards, take a trip over to Governers House spot the Parliament Building and head inside the Gibraltar National Museum for a rundown of the history of the area. 

Best things to do in Gibraltar cathedral

Oh, and don’t forget to pop inside the Holy Trinity Cathedral, too. 

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9.) Moorish Castle

Best things to do in Gibraltar Moorish Castle

The Moorish Castle stands tall over Gibraltar and dates back centuries from when Moorish conquests came over to Europe from Northern Africa. 

Exploring this place is a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the area, and its building in the 14th century. We loved it and it’s well worth spending an hour or so wandering the local area. 

10.) Windsor Suspension Bridge

Best things to do in Gibraltar suspension bridge

As you walk up (or down) the Rock of Gibraltar, make sure to walk across the Windsor Suspension Bridge. It’s around seventy metres long and is a great way to ramble the area. 

Just be sure to take some comfy shoes and some water. The route can be long and hot in the summer months.

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