Best Burger Ever. Everything With Fries EWF Singapore (2)

I’m in true love/lust/infatuation with this burger! It’s so strange as it’s so unexpected. Okay, so living in Singapore – it seems a big disingenuous to be eating a burger when there’s so much delicious local cuisine to try but in all fairness, I’ve actually done quite a bit of that since I’ve been here (as followers on Instagram might already know) and eaten quite a lot at food courts, hawker centres and more. (Apologies for the photos, they were taken on my iphone – I really wasn’t expecting to fall in ‘burger love’ that evening…)

Best Burger Ever. Everything With Fries EWF Singapore (1)

In any case, on this particular day, I figured I’d check out this cool dessert/milkshake place called EWF – Everything With Fries and I have to admit, the first time I had a burger there (it was the chicken burger), I wasn’t that fussed. This is of course because I generally don’t like chicken burgers – except the ones at Leon – that’s the only exception to the rule. Then I went back the next day and Lloyd insisted I have the double burger (I think it’s called something else but it’s a burger with double beef patties) and right there and then, on first bite, I was in deep food lust! The burgers are made to perfection and the chunky burger patties are dripping with cheese and an amazing sauce! As I describe this, I am slowly realising that I will probably end up going back there for dinner tonight…

Best Burger Ever. Everything With Fries EWF Singapore (3)

All the ingredients are fresh and even the buns are baked on site so, as you can imagine, the taste is amazing! The chips are lightly sprinkled with seasoning (they come in 4 flavours – my favourite is the sour cream and chives one) and they’re soooo tasty! Don’t let the light sprinkling fool you – they pack in a lot of taste! Everything was perfect, the fries, the burgers and even the sparkling apple drink left me feeling less guilty due to the relatively low calorie content!

Best Burger Ever. Everything With Fries EWF Singapore (6)

At this point, I had to see it all the way and had a warm apple crumble with ice cream! Equally as amazing as the burger though a word of warning – after the burger and large fries, you will be stuffed and so it might make sense to share dessert with someone but even if you don’t have someone to share with (or if you’re a ravenous foodie like me!), I’d definitely recommend getting some dessert!


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