This is important stuff so pay attention people. 🙂 It’s safe to say that I’m obviously not the first person to have been on a hammock and being on holiday in Spain – especially after a rather nice lunch and quite a lot of Sangria, I figured I’d retire to the comfort of the hammock under the palm trees and read the latest trashy novel I just found in the second hand bookstore in a nearby town… Here’s the important bit folks – when taking a selfie on a hammock, exercise serious caution otherwise if excessive posing is used the following sequence of events might occur…

First off a little over-the-top smiling…

Important Travel #Selfie Lesson! (1)

Then some slightly calmer (and less manic) smiling…

Important Travel #Selfie Lesson! (2) Important Travel #Selfie Lesson! (3)

…and before you know it tumble backwards!

Important Travel #Selfie Lesson! (4)

Literally flipped upside down on the hammock…

Important Travel #Selfie Lesson! (5)

Lesson learned!

Important Travel #Selfie Lesson! (6)

Off to find some Sangria to nurse my bruised ego…

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