One of the biggest things I learnt this past weekend visiting Gipuzkoa is that the Basque language is very different from Spanish (or indeed French). I’d been to Spain quite a few times in the past and so I assumed that I would be able to throw around all the Spanish phrases I’d learned (which are really only limited to about 5 basic ones – typically involving food or gratitude).  Boy was I in for a surprise!

Visiting Restaurant Ziaboga, Pasaia, Gipuzkoa, San Marco

The Basque language indeed looks and sounds nothing like what I expected but fret not, in advance of my blog posts on our visit to Gipuzkoa, I have put together a list of some Basque phrases I recently learnt. Hopefully, this will help you when you go visit but more importantly, it’s a chance for me to show off my new found love for the Basque language! 🙂 😉 (I jest!!! This has been written more to help you than for me to show off – as Lloyd will attest to, it took me the best part of 2 days to figure out the best way of saying “Thank You” in Basque!)

Visiting Restaurant Ziaboga, Pasaia, Gipuzkoa, San Marco

Before I get started, it’s probably worth noting that Basque in Basque language is actually “Euskara” . The list below follows the structure “Basque —> English“.

  1. Kaixo —> Hello
  2. Egun on —> Good morning
  3. Arratsalde on —> Good afternoon
  4. Gabon —> Good night
  5. Agur —> Goodbye
  6. Zorte on! —> Good luck
  7. Egun on izan dezala —> Have a nice day
  8. Ez dut ulertzen —> I don’t understand
  9. Astiro—>astiro hitz egin mesedez —> Please speak more slowly
  10. Idatz iezadazu mesedez —> Please write it down
  11. Euskaraz badakizu? —> Do you speak Basque?
  12. Bai —> Yes
  13. Ez —> No
  14. Zenbat balio du? —> How much is this?
  15. Eskerrik asko —> Thank you
  16. Komuna, non dago? —> Where are the toilets?
  17. Non dago tren—>geltokia? —> Where is the train station?
  18. Non dago autobus—>geltokia? —> Where is the bus station?
  19. Ez dakit euskaraz—> I do not speak Basque
  20. Ba al dakizu ingelesez?—> Do you speak English?
  21. Nongoa zara? —> Where are you from?
  22. Non dago xxxxxxx? —> Where is xxxxxxx?
  23. Bai ote? —> Really?
  24. Topa! —> Cheers!
  25. Hementxe! —> Over / right here!
  26. Geldi!—> Stop
  27. Lasai—> Take it easy
  28. Ez dut nahi—> I do not want

For those who are looking to go a step even further and learn how to pronounce these phrases, the BBC has put together a useful Basque pronunciation guide.

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Visiting Restaurant Ziaboga, Pasaia, Gipuzkoa, San MarcoVisiting Restaurant Ziaboga, Pasaia, Gipuzkoa, San MarcoVisiting Restaurant Ziaboga, Pasaia, Gipuzkoa, San Marco

(Most) Photos taken at Restaurant Ziaboga, Pasaia

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