Been on the market for a new winter coat and so I rope my friend Georgia to go perusing the shops in Central London yesterday (as you can probably tell from this instagram).

As with any shopping trip, we got distracted and actually ended up having a successful day eating ice cream (the weather was strangely warm yesterday and quite apt for it) and cinnamon (so good) and a rather unsuccessful one of doing any proper shopping.

This did, however, lead to some online shopping and Georgia came up with the brilliant idea of trying to recreate some fantastic winter looks but at a fraction of the price (and hence a more reasonably budget) – here are the 4 Winter Looks and how to get them for less than £50/€60/$75!:



 (Similar coats here and here & shoes here and here) Image via.


 Similar trench coats here and or in red here, t-shirt here & jeans here and here) Image via.


 (Similar top here, jeans here, shoes here and here, bag here & hat here) Image via.


 (Similar coat achieved by layering sleeveless coat here with leather jackets here or here. Similar top here, pants here, shoes here and clutch here)

And of course in the spirit of distracted shopping, Georgia and I came across these coats which looks absolutely amazing for winter travel anywhere in the world! 🙂 (She particularly liked this one).

So, what do you think? Which look is your favourite? And more importantly, would you like to see more travel style posts like this? 🙂

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