It’s a New Year and I’ve decided that I would like to share (even more) personal stuff on the blog and what could be more personal that sharing my bad habits with you. 😉  It’s just “baby steps” (I know) but let’s jump right into it shall we? Here are 5 of my bad habits:

1.) If I find a movie I like, I almost end up ruining the plot for myself by looking on Wikipedia to find out what the movie is like (only to end up reading the entire page about the movie). The worst part is that it’s never intentional so I’m always genuinely disappointed when I find out what happens in the movie.

2.) I eat popcorn for breakfast (sometimes, not all the time)… and for lunch… and for dinner. The way I see it, especially at breakfast, it’s not different from having cornflakes… (right?)

3.) I sing (out of tune) a lot. Like as soon as I wake up I do this and I typically have no clue I’m doing this. This is actually great (in my opinion) when you’re alone but when you’re sharing a room with others who don’t wake up quite as early as you do, I can see how this would be annoying.

4.) I commit to TV shows. It doesn’t matter how bad it is, I will watch the entire show if I catch an episode of it. I accidentally saw a good episode of Gossip Girl once and watched all 6 seasons (this was actually quite a big commitment and I kinda missed it once I’d seen it all). I have seen every episode of True Blood – yes, even after the show went really terrible.

5.) My “swear word vocabulary” is very weak and can be cause for (awkward concern). For ages, I knew a certain swear word (which I will not repeat on here) but didn’t actually know it was a swear word or what it even meant. I always thought it was something you said to someone else endearingly like if you’re puppy tripped on himself and you (in between fits of laughter) and call him a “Silly billy” or something equally tame. I then made the mistake of saying this at a formal dinner when someone said something silly they’d done – they laughed it off (and I was informed of what that word meant) and it’s safe to say, I still haven’t stopped feeling very awkward whenever I bump into said individual.

And there you have it! Those are some of my bad habits. Now over to you – do have you got any to share with me? (Please say you do – don’t leave me awkwardly standing here alone!) 🙂

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