We have all heard about the amazing art in Barcelona and the beauty of the ‘party’ destination of Ibiza, but there is so much more to visit in Spain than just a few key destinations. There really is a whole load of beautiful towns in Spain – all waiting for us to discover. 🤗

Spain is such a diverse country, with a rich cultural heritage. From Catalonians to the Spanish Basque country in the north. Each has their own yummy food, different dialects and languages and very distinct towns.

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These are 10 absolutely beautiful towns in Spain which may not have come up on your radar but you should definitely visit!

Towns in Spain

1.) Cadaques, Girona
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Salvador Dali once called this beautiful, coastal village his home. In Cadaques, you can take a tour of Dali’s old house – but don’t worry if you’re not an art-fanatic, there’s also some award winning beaches and a historic centre. quaint that have some amazing cafes, restaurants and historical sites.

2.) Morella, Castellon

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Morella is an idyllic and secluded town, hidden away from the majority of visitors. Not only is this town the perfect place to sit and relax with some spectacular (and freshly prepared) tapas, it makes for a good base-camp if you’re planning to hike the nearby Maestrazgo mountains.

Just don’t forget your walking boots. It really is one of the beautiful towns in Spain you should visit.

3.) Frigiliana, Malaga
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Andalusia was the first region in Spain to be conquered by the Moors with lots of its beautiful architecture and buildings still referencing this influence. Explore the maze of alleyways in Frigiliana, and see the beautiful Moorish influences that seem to consume these type of beautiful towns in Spain.

4.) Setenil de las Bodegas, Cadiz
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If you’re looking for somewhere unique, and a little different from an average sea-side getaway, you won’t be disappointed with Setenil de las Bodegas. Part of the village has been built into the rock outcropping that hangs over the Trejo River.

Be sure to try (and buy) some of their locally produced, organic olive oil before you leave. Delicioso!

5.) Ronda, Malaga

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I visited Ronda around 10 years ago and is one place that I truly love in Spain. Although Ronda may be popular, its picturesque charm is something that you won’t want to miss.

This scenic village sits on the edge of a large gorge. When I was there I was told of the folklore that the god(s) split the village apart due to the constant arguing within the town – thus creating two harmonious villages. Once the towns reconciled, they built a bridge to re-join their town together.

My top tip is to hike down to the bottom of the gorge and take your photographs from this vantage point.

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6.) Carratraca, Malaga
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The European kings of old used to travel to this sleepy Spanish town in order to bathe in the sulfur hot springs for their healing and calming properties. Thankfully, the hot-springs at Carratraca are not just open to royalty, us common-folk can now bathe till our heart’s content!

7.) Pedraza, Segovia
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Less than 500 people call this Medieval town their home. You may want to travel there during their Concierto de las Velas. They light up the streets with candles while playing classical Spanish music. Truly magical. It’s a spectacular time to visit the town.

8.) Luarca, Asturias
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Luarca is a quiet fishing town, complete with a picturesque harbour where locals still go out to catch a daily supply of fresh fish for locals (and visitors alike). Don’t forget to ask for the best fish of the day, this changes almost daily depending on the catch that has just arrived.

9.) Ayllon, Segovia
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Walk upon the historic cobblestone streets of Ayllon, and you will feel as though you’ve been transported back to the Middle Ages, especially if you are there during the Medieval festival in July! There are many great things to see, including the old house of Bishop Velosillo, which is a must see for any visitor.

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10.) Calaceite, Teruel
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Not just a picturesque town, Calaceite has become famous for its delicious treats and desserts called “flaonets”. They are small pastries filled with pumpkin jam, honey and dusted with some sugar. Don’t forget to grab one as they are cooling at the bakers – they are best served slightly warm. Yum!

10 Beautiful Villages You Should Visit In Spain

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