Been meaning to put up a post to say this for ages but since I couldn’t figure out some ridiculously eloquent way of saying this, I figured I might as well blurt it out.

As you already know (it’s no secret really), I’m a huge fan of FOOD (hence why there’s a whole category on here dedicated to food) and as part of my travel planning for this year, I’ve been putting together a list of delicacies that must be tried out at least once in different countries. Now seeing as the subject matter is food and this is a hugely divisive subject matter, I do not expect everyone to agree with every single item on this list – For instance, some people like chicken for example and some people don’t – for reasons both parties probably never fully understand and that’s absolutely fine, HOWEVER – if there is a national dish from your country that you definitely recommend, please do let me know in the comments below! 🙂 (Thanks in advance!)

  1. United Kingdom: Fish and chips (easy)
  2. Canada: Poutine
  3. France: Creme Brulee (my favourite – I may have eaten this for starters, main and dessert in Paris accompanied by just wine and nothing else… Fine, I did do that but I managed to convince my friends to do the same so they no share in my not-so-secret creme brulee obsession). If I was to have a main meal, then it would have to be Pot-au-feu
  4. Singapore: Chilli Crab
  5. Australia: Meat Pie
  6. United States of America: Philly Cheesesteak with apple pie for dessert!
  7. New Zealand: Roast Lamb
  8. Mexico: Mole poblano
  9. Austria: Wiener Schnitzel
  10. Nigeria: Pounded Yam and Ogbono Soup
  11. South Africa: Bobotie
  12. Morocco: Lamb Tagine with Cous Cous
  13. Brazil: Feijoada
  14. Sweden: Swedish Meatballs
  15. Vietnam: Phở
  16. Thailand: Pad Thai
  17. China: Peking duck
  18. South Korea: Bulgogi
  19. Egypt: Ful medames
  20. Ghana: Fufu
  21. Netherlands: Stamppot
  22. Chile: Pastel de choclo
  23. Argentina: Empanada
  24. Bolivia: Picante de Pollo
  25. Kenya: Ugali
  26. Spain: Paella
  27. Portugal: Bacalhau
  28. Greece: Moussaka
  29. Hungary: Goulash
  30. Czech Republic: Vepřo knedlo zelo
  31. Russia: Pelmeni
  32. Germany: Bratwurst
  33. Barbados: Coo-Coo and Flying Fish
  34. India: Tandoori Chicken
  35. Cuba: Arroz Con Pollo
  36. Switzerland: Chocolate (I know chocolate isn’t technically food but this is THE place to gorge on chocolates)
  37. Finland: Karjalanpaisti
  38. Turkey: Kuru fasulye
  39. Phillipines: Adobo
  40. Bangladesh: Chicken Korma
  41. Indonesia: Nasi goreng
  42. Ethiopia: Fit-fit
  43. Iceland: Þorramatur
  44. Myanmar: Mohinga
  45. Madagascar: Romazava
  46. Paraguay: Sopa paraguaya
  47. Jordan: Mansaf
  48. Saudi Arabia: Kabsa
  49. Jamaica: Ackee and Saltfish
  50. Fiji: Fijian Kokoda

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