France is a brilliant country to explore, with so many historic cities, and gorgeous regions like Provence and Brittany that are epic to visit. Not only that, there are heaps of the best beach holidays in France that make it the perfect coastline to explore whilst in Europe.

Over the last decade, we’ve visited France many times and always fall in love with the coastline. It’s so diverse and you can have completely different experiences when travelling from the likes of Bordeaux or visiting the Mediterranean Coast It is totally beautiful.

So, to get the most out of your visit to France, I’m sharing some of the best beach holidays in France that I think you’ll love. Have the best time on your visit to France.

1.) Menton

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Perched right on the French Rivera, Menton is a totally beautiful town that has an incredible colourful seafront. It’s the perfect beach spot to visit whilst exploring the south-eastern regions of France and well worth spending a day or two exploring the town (and the beach) itself.

If you’re wanting to explore more of Menton’s heritage, take a peek inside Basilique Saint-Michel and stop by the Chapel of Pénitents-Blancs. It’s so iconic and the naive inside is just stunning to see.

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If it’s solely the beach you’re after, head to Plage des Sablettes which is Menton’s best beach in my opinion. It’s smaller than the nearby Plage du Borrigo, but we just love it. Just be sure to pack plenty of sunblock, the winds from the Mediterranean can be really deceptive.

2.) Bandol

Best Places In France To Visit Bale de Bandol, Bay of Bandol, Alpes-Maritimes

Not too far from Toulon, Bandol is often overlooked when it comes to the best beach holidays in France to enjoy. You see, it’s not hugely well-known outside of France, which means it’s much less popular than places like Cannes or Saint Tropez.

Now, the beaches are very small in Bandol but totally lovely if you don’t mind a beach in a town. That being said, if you want a quieter experience, head over to Liouquet Beach (outside of the town). Just a heads up, the latter is a nudist beach, so plan accordingly.

3.) Martigues

Best Places In France To Visit Martigues

Nestled on the south coast of France, Martinique is one of the best beach holidays in France to book if you’re already close to Marseilles.

It’s a short drive (around 20 minutes) to Martinique and the surrounding beaches and can easily be included as a day or afternoon trip for a little dip in the Mediterranean Sea.

Best Places In France To Visit Martigues, Provence

For a great little beach, head over to Plage Sainte-Croix. Yes, it’s small but totally lovely if you’re stopping for an hour or so.

Alternatively, head over to Plage du Verdon if you’re planning a whole-day trip to the beach. It’s much larger and has many cafes, restaurants and a promenade to enjoy.

4.) Cannes

Best Places In France To Visit Lérins Abbey, Cannes

Cannes is beautiful to visit and probably one of the best beach holidays in France. After all, it’s popular for a reason. To be fair, there had to be a reason why all the celebrities flock there right?

Internationally known for its iconic film festival, the city of Cannes is an idyllic holidaymaker’s paradise with stunning beaches, amazing restaurants and a pretty solid nightlife. However, the latter can end up being pricey if you’re visiting in the height of summer.

Now, for a beach day, head to Croisette Beach that’s really close to the harbour. This is a smaller (but not small) beach that’s actually pretty decent for a day at the sea. Plus, you have loads of restaurants and cafes that line the beachfront here. It’s all so easy.

If that doesn’t float your boat, head to the long stretch of beach called, Plage du Midi. It’s much larger and has ample parking on the roadside too. Though, the parking can get busy at weekends; just a heads up!

5.) Antibes

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Located about halfway between Cannes and Nice, Antibes boasts amazing weather over the summer. It almost has some sort of microclimate that keeps this area of France nice and warm, even when visiting in the shoulder seasons of late spring or summer.

Once here, make sure to head to Gravette Beach that’s right next to the harbour walls. Looking for a bigger beach? Head over to Juan Les Pins Beach that’s much larger and has plenty of sunlounger rentals and cafes along the front.

This, all coupled with a beautiful coastline makes Antibes one of the best beach holidays in France to have whilst on the south coast. It’s the perfect French summer getaway destination that you will love.

6.) Saint-Tropez

Best Places In France To Visit Saint-Tropez old town

The Playground of the rich and famous, Saint Tropez is not a place that would typically come onto my radar as it always seems so popular.

That being said, I’ve come to realise that some places are popular for a reason, and Saint Tropez is one such place.

Best Places In France To Visit Saint Tropez

Now, although it’s one of the best beach holidays in France to book, it can be more expensive than some other, lesser-known, spots to visit.

Keep this in mind when booking your trip and try to avoid the months of July and August if you want cheaper accommodation.

Once in Saint Tropez, be sure to visit Canoubiers Beach, the quieter Moutte Beach and the long Tahiti Beach. Just for your information, the latter is historically a naturist beach. Though, further down, Pampelonne Beach is mixed.

All are lovely sandy shorelines that are perfect for the best beach holidays in France.

7.) Marseille

Best Places In France To Visit Marseilles

Marseilles seems to polarise opinions when it comes to the places in France to visit. You either love it or hate it.

Whatever the case, this ‘rough around the edges’ city is admittedly not quite as luxurious as some of the other places I mentioned but that does come with its perks when it comes to the best beach holidays in France to book.

After all, the flip side of this means that it can be a more affordable option when visiting the south of France.

For one of the best beaches, head to Prado Beach or Catalans Beach if you want to stay closer to the harbour.

8.) Nice

10 Things To Do In Nice, France (14)

Nice’s reputation precedes it, it’s easily one of the best beach holidays in France to visit in summer.

Even simply saying you’re thinking of going to Nice to your friends conjures up images of luxury, decadence and summer fun worth holding out for. Well, for me it does; at least.

It’s always ‘nice’ when you go on a beach holiday where there’s so much more to offer in addition to beautiful beaches. Nice has some incredible things to do and it’s one of those cities in France to visit that’s just as much about the shoreline as it is about the city itself.

Can you tell we loved Nice?

Oh, and don’t forget to book this epic half-day trip from Nice. Not only will you get to go to Monaco and Monte Carlo, but you’ll also visit the stunning town of Eze, too. Just be sure to book this ticket before arriving. Spaces fill up fast at peak times.

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9.) Biarritz

Best Places In France To Visit Cote des Basques beach, Biarritz

This one came on my radar when my friend just wouldn’t stop talking about it and we just had to visit. It was a constant stream of DM’s with photos from the beach and sure enough, they were right. It’s gorgeous.

For one of the biggest stretches of beach, head to Ocean Beach. It’s totally vast and easily one of the best beach holidays in France to book if you’re on the West Coast.

Though, always remember, beaches are cooler on the Atlantic Ocean.; compared to the Mediterranean beaches at least.

10.) Sérignan

Best Places In France To Visit Sérignan Serignan

This is perhaps one of the lesser-known places to visit in France but the beach and its notoriously friendly locals are such a big draw to this place that it constantly crops up in our travel planning.

You’ll struggle to find someone who has a bad word to say about Serignan and that says it all really.

When it comes to the beaches around Serignan, head to Valras Beach that’s right in front of the town.

That being said if you’re looking for a much quieter beach trip, head towards Grande Cosse Beach. Just a heads up, it has fewer amenities, so make sure to pack picnics and drinks before arriving.

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