Let’s play a fun little game. Or at least what I’d like to think of as a full little game. 😉 It’s not a serious post or anything of the sort, I’m just genuinely intrigued to find out which options you’ll choose! On some level, I think it may be a version of a sanity check for myself to see if I’m alone in the way I think or if we think alike. 🙂

(In other random news though, the photo below is why you should try to photobomb people. I tried photobombing Lloyd’s photo, slipped and fell on my butt!!! *ouch* But I digress… now, where was I?)
Lloyd and Yaya at Jökulsárlón - The Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

Yes – the rules! Well, the rules are fairly simple. If you had to choose one and could only have one and not both – which would you choose. I’ll go first and reveal which I would choose.

1.) Beach or Mountain? For me, beach. Living in London will do that to you and leave you earning for that laidback beach life. With the mandatory coconut water of course.
2.) Cocktails or Milkshakes? For me, milkshakes. Especially if it’s got even the slightest hint of peanut butter in it.
3.) City life or Village life? For me, this is a hard choice. Village life appeals to me so much but for now, I would have to say city life (again, living in London can do this you)
4.) Dogs or Cats? For me, dogs. Cats are too independent and dont seem to care about you whereas dogs will make a fuss over you (of course they also expect you to make a fuss over them too).
5.) London or New York? For me, London. Even with the crazy weather, and no matter how much I love visiting New York, London is still my top city.
6.) Summer or Winter? Summer. I love that sunshine! Winter is nice initially but it just gets a bit much after a while.
7.) Red wine or White wine? White wine. Red wine is small doses is fine but in any decent quantity is almost guaranteed to leave me with huge head ache.

And there you have it. Those are my random choices to those equally random questions. Now it’s your turn! 🙂 And I do look forward to seeing what you choices are… 🙂

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