These are items that you probably never heard of before or even considered buying but you’re in need of them and here’s why!

7 Quirky And Unique Travel Gadgets (7)
1.) Mini Projectors: How else would you have gotten to watch the Breaking Bad finale on the go? This will save you from screaming and rushing in a mad panic for the remote every time some silly person comes on the TV with a spoiler about your favourite TV shows while you’re travelling! I have memories of being in New Mexico in the US right now with 4 of us knackered from a long day and someone on the news talking about explosive grande finale of Breaking Bad and all four of us scrambling to find the remote and switch the TV off. It’s a wonder how someone didn’t just chuck the TV out of the window in panic to stop the TV presenters from spoiling the finale for us. To save yourselves from a similar scramble you can always get this one, or thisor this …or even this one.

7 Quirky And Unique Travel Gadgets (3)
2.) Steripen Water Purifier: Let’s face it, access to clean water when you’re travelling is not always easy/possible and even when you go out to restaurants and bars in certain countries, there’s still a lot of potential to end your holiday with a strong bout of diarrhoea, which no one wants! This nifty little gadget helps purify your water or drinks on the go and is a definite must have! Pick one up here, here or here.

7 Quirky And Unique Travel Gadgets (4)
3.) Pocket Printers: Never again will you be stuck on holiday wondering how to print out your boarding passes or important travel items. This nifty little travel printer will save you from relying on hotels (or hostels) for printing facilities and give you that extra freedom you need. Some of our faves can be found here, here and here.

7 Quirky And Unique Travel Gadgets (8)
4.) Travel Underwear: Yup – you read that one right! There’s one for the guys and one for the ladies and effectively, they’re used to keep all your important documents safe by placing them on you in a region where you’d definitely notice if a pickpocket tried rummaging around in. This way the only person getting access to your important travel bits and bobs is either you or anyone with an invitation to you nether regions (though you might wanna take them off before sending out said invitation…)

7 Quirky And Unique Travel Gadgets (1)
5.) Virtual Keyboard: This is my absolute favourite and would mean using my iPad to blog and email a lot more on the go! I love how slightly futuristic this feels too. 🙂 Imagine the looks you’d get using this at local cafe (and the smug looks you’d give back too like “Oh, doesn’t everyone have a Virtual keyboard…”). You can find them here, here, here and here.

7 Quirky And Unique Travel Gadgets (2)
6.) Mini Speakers: To go with the mini projectors of course! And for pre-night out, getting ready to go to ‘dah club’, ‘prinking’ (pre-drinking) sessions. Check out these ones here, here and here.

7 Quirky And Unique Travel Gadgets (5)
7.) Electronic Luggage Tag: Helps you locate your items if lost as it vibrates and effectively protects your belongings! It even beeps if someone moves your stuff from a fixed point! Pretty handy right? Get one here or here.

7 Quirky And Unique Travel Gadgets (6)
8.) Travel Chargers: Keep your laptops, tablets and phone all juiced up as you travel! This one is a no-brainer really. Some good ones are available here, here and here.

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