Travel can be a bit of hard work sometimes. Yes, yes – it’s ultimately fun to travel however the hassle of almost stripping to your underwear when going through security check (well, it sure feels like that sometimes), hauling luggage around the city, worrying about catching your connections and so many other things that are frequently associated with travel can sometimes be quite a lot to deal with! Well, we’ve put together a few simple tips to help you make the whole process that bit easier and smoother. Let’s jump straight in shall we?

1.) Take essential comfort items with you. Don’t depend on the airline/train line/coach to provide you with a nice snug travel blanket/pillow. If this is something that you need when you’re travelling, take it with you. These days there are really cheap travel pillows which barely take up any space and the same goes for the sleep masks, blankets and other travel comfort accessories. Ultimately, make the effort to make yourself comfortable.

2.) Remember to drink lots of water. It sounds so basic but it’s so unbelievably common to forget this. You spend ages getting to the train station/airport, then wait for your flight/train and then there the actual travel time and in all that time, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated and you end up on your holiday dehydrated and/or constipated from the lack of fluids. There are just so many distractions when you travel that essential stuff like drinking water gets forgotten and you end up starting your holiday uncomfortable and irritable.

3.) Check in early. Yes, there’s the temptation to just stay at home and chill for as long as possible but just save yourself the stress and hassle and leave yourself enough time to check in. Especially so as most times, that extra hour or so spent at home is actually spent doing nothing productive.

4.) Pack light. A lot of the times, your probably don’t need half the stuff you travel with. A good strategy to planning what to travel with is to identify the essentials. The essentials are not defined by how much you need/want certain items, the essentials are those things you’d struggle to replace at your destination if you left them at home – things like shampoo and toothpaste, not matter how much you need them, are typically not essentials. Your camera on the other hand might cost you a pretty penny to replace and would be classed as an essential. Also, pay attention to those things you packed last time and ended up not using – those things don’t need to go with you when you travel next time.

5.) Get enough sleep before you make a long journey. The amount of sleep you have can affect your stress levels when you travel and even just having a couple hours more than you perhaps would have done usually could really help increase your energy levels and make you a happier traveller.

6.) Pay attention to the time. Know what time every item on your travel itinerary is scheduled for. If you’re a bit hare-brained like..*cough* some of us, then just write it down. Whatever the case is, knowing where you should be and when, helps make things a lot easier when you travel and help keep you on track.

7.) Take your own entertainment with you. Put it on your phone, stash it on your ipad/laptop, get a good book – whatever your preferred form of entertainment is, take it with you. It might seem like a bit of extra hassle to have to take your laptop/ipad with you when you’re travelling but it makes a huge difference, especially for those times when you’re your just waiting around for your flight/train/bus and doing nothing. Your entertainment makes the travel time go by really quickly and leaves your in a much better mood upon arrival at your destination.

Boat in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

And there you have it! My 7 tips to help make travel that extra bit nicer! Now, over to you – What tips/tricks do you use to help make your travel nicer?


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