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After travelling through 7 countries in just over a month, it’s safe to say I’ve very quickly discovered quite a few items that I would like to aid (and abet) my travels. Can not explain how much I want these right now! (I plan on ticking these off my list with immediate effect – bugdet allowing of course!) Some are absolute essentials and one is an indulgent one. 🙂

Check out the full list below and find out why YOU need them!

1.) GoPro: I have to admit, I’d never really been a fan of GoPro. When I first came across them, the video quality was average at best and the pictures weren’t great but they’ve totally changed all of that! I was looking at a friend’s photos on Facebook which were so crisp and colourful and eventually I found out these were taken on the GoPro. Needless to say, this caused me to re-evaluate the GoPro and I’ve been so pleasantly surprised , nah… scratch that – very impressed with the GoPro. I’m currently on the market for one of these. It helps that they’re waterproof and that’s definitely one thing my DSLR isn’t!


2.) Camera Bag: My old camera bag is starting to get tired and considering what I carry in it, it’s time for me to get a new one! Here are a few that have caught my attention.


3.) Travel Shoes: Chatham Marine shoes are amazing! They’re the right blend of rugged comfort and style. How (you ask)? You can easily get away with walking around all day in the city with them and yet not need to change your footwear when you go out for a nice dinner in a more formal restaurant (or a bar with a dress code). They’re travel perfection. I got a pair back a few years ago and have travelled solidly for years in them. I’m now in the market for a new pair – not as a replacement but instead as a complimentary pair. They last aaaaaagggggggggeeeeeeeeesssssss!!!


4.) iPhone Charging Case: A case that charges your iPhone? Burrrillliant! Saw loads of these in Hong Kong and I couldn’t think of an iPhone accessory I wanted more. No more battery worries when you’re out and about as you effectively increase your phone’s battery life by 100% extra!


5.) The Indulgent One – Tag Heuer Watch(es): My older one’s battery needs to be replaced – that’s not why I am looking for a new one though! 🙂 I know how cheap it is to change batteries… It just got me thinking about other options out there. And boy are there quite a few lookers available…


6.) USB Travel Adapters: Better than a travel adapter is one that has USB ports! Pretty much everything can be charged via USB (iPad, iPhone, Sat Navs… etc) so this is quite a nifty little gadget.


7.) Tripods: The ultimate in travel selfie accessories! I’m on the market for a new one – preferably one that’s light enough to travel with yet sturdy enough to not get blown over by a light breeze.


8.) Hand Luggage (Only): 🙂 What an apt way to end the list eh? 🙂 I actually need one of these soon. My backpack is starting to rip which is a sure-fire signal that a new piece of Hand Luggage is probably necessary.

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