Finding a £10 return flight from London to the South of France was a steal for me! Not only did it make me feel like I’d won some type of flight lottery, but it also gave me the option to spend the rest of my holiday budget on other things that mattered. Wine and cheese!

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Over the course of travelling, I’ve come to find nifty little tricks to keep airfares lower, like; extra-long connecting flight stops, those groggy 5 am take-off flights and even flying to regional airports just outside the main city itself.

Hey, it might not be ideal but it keeps costs low and that’s important especially when looking for the cheapest deal… but recently, I found something even better.

How To Save On Airfares

Last week, I heard through the grapevine about FlyEx, an app that promises to offer us, fanatic travellers, the cheapest flights for any route.

Now, I hear what you’re saying, ‘every site and app tells me this’ – but the difference with FlyEx is that they actually promise it and will beat ANY like for like price!

Now, let me tell you how…

What is FlyEx?

FlyEx is a Peer to Peer booking app. It’s totally free. It’s available in the U.S. for iOS devices and will be coming to Android soon. You can download it here.

How Does FlyEx guarantee the lowest prices?

Now, this is the REALLY good part! 😃

Unlike most apps, the FlyEx team have built an algorithm that actually promises that you will be given the cheapest ticket anywhere, anytime, any route. No quibbles, it will be the cheapest!

But you know what, the extra sweet deal is that if you do find a cheaper fare (from any site/app) FlyEx gives you the option to upload a screenshot of other booking sites prices (via their ‘Beat Zone’ section), after which they will then proceed to give you a guaranteed lower price.

It’s that simple.

What else can you use FlyEx for?

Here’s a new way to guarantee you grab the cheapest flights (2)

1.)  If you’re anything like me, you’re going to have visited lots of different websites and apps to book your travels, FlyEx sorts all this out without having to leave the app for any reason. FlyEx also makes it much easier to keep track of all your itineraries by keeping your e-tickets safely within the app. No more lost boarding passes for me!

2.) FlyEx also hosts local experts on their app, who are known as ‘Aviators’. These travel fanatics act like a totally free concierge service where they will personally recommend some of the best places to stay. You can never beat a good recommendation.

3.) FlyEx also offers travel fanatics (like us) the ability to earn money by helping others travel the world. You can sign up as a FlyEx Aviator and help others with travel recommendations, travel tips and even flight searches.

As an Aviator, you can then earn a commission from every booking.

Download the FlyEx app

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