Look, it’s probably pretty obvious by now that I gorge on anything sweet! Drip, dip or roll it in sugar and I swear it’ll be gone without you even batting an eyelid. I like to say it’s because I just want to ‘taste the world’ or something fluffy like that the harsh reality is that I’m proper greedy for anything sugar-based. That being said, a trip to New York is definitely sweet for me, especially with all the best doughnuts in New York City.

Okay, so let’s be realistic, to visit every doughnut joint in the Big Apple you’d need two weeks in the city.

With that being said, I wanted to share some of my very favourite and best doughnut spots in New York City that you have to try.

Some are in Manhattan, some in the other best areas of New York, but they all taste so good! 🍩

Best Donuts In New York City (11)

Take a look at the best doughnuts in New York City that you have to try 🇺🇸

1.) Underwest doughnuts, in a car wash

Best Donuts In New York City (4)

Underwest Donuts is a midtown Manhattan doughnut joint that sells a variety of sweet flavours including maple waffle, espresso bean and coco-raspberry that are to die for and possibly one of the best doughnuts spots in New York City.

They’re also firm believers that no doughnut shall be eaten without a coffee (though, as a Brit, I gotta argue and say tea is just great too), so make sure you order a pot to go too.

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The funny thing about Underwest Donuts is that it’s actually in a Car Wash in Hells Kitchen! Yup, you read that right; it’s a local haunt that most New Yorkers love.

This is the Google Map spot if you want to visit here.

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2.) The Doughnut Project: For the bone marrow doughnuts

Best Donuts In New York City (9)

Based in the West Village, the Doughnut Project is a sinful place if you’re a lover of sweet treats. I swear, every time I visited I wanna buy the whole spot – it smells so good too!

Make sure to try their ‘bone marrow chocolate pastry cream’ – it’s a special they make only on a Saturday.

Based at 10 Morton Street, they sell doughnuts until 6 pm or until they sell out.

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3.) Dough: For the blood orange doughnuts

Best Donuts In New York City (6)

On the corner of 448 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, sits one of the best spots for the doughnuts in New York City (that’s aptly named, Dough).

Don’t expect any fancy flowers around the doors or pink parcelled buns, it’s just not that place. What it is though is one heck of a good doughnuts maker. I swear, their doughnuts should be illegal they’re that good.

A top favourite of mine has to be the cinnamon sugar or the blood orange doughnuts.

They’re so yummy!

4.) Doughnut Plant: For the pistachio doughnuts

Best Donuts In New York City (3)

I mean, if a place is called Doughnut Planet, you expect some of the best doughnuts in New York City; and they definitely deliver on that!

Opened sometime in the ’90s, Doughnut Planet is the type of doughnuts spot that endeavours to use natural, organic and seasonal flavours whenever possible.

Although there are a few spots dotted around New York City, one of my favourites has to be in East Side Manhattan.

Don’t forget to try their pistachio doughnuts. I swear you’ll swoon when you bite into this one! 🤣

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5.) The Donut Pub: For the red velvet doughnuts

Best Donuts In New York City (10)

Yeah, so in London, we have a local pub right? Well, New York has its own version called the Donut Pub and it’s glorious! Like… that’s the best term to describe this spot. GLORIOUS.

Not only do they make the fluffiest red velvet doughnuts, jelly doughnuts and they also have these amazing honey-dipped doughnuts with coconut sprinkles.

Best of all, the Donut Pub sits right by the Rubin Museum of Art in central Manhattan. So once you’re done with all that art, pop right in!

6.) Dun-Well doughnuts: For the tea doughnuts

Best Donuts In New York City (7)

Dun-well doughnuts began trading in Brooklyn and have now nosed its way into central Manhattan thanks to those Manhattanites gorging all that fried dough!

Visit either their East Williamsburg or Lower Manhattan Branch – with their addresses, here.

Make sure to try their early grey tea doughnuts. Sooooo good!

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7.) Leske’s Bakery: For the glazed ring

Best Donuts In New York City (8)

Let’s be clear, Leske’s isn’t monogamous to doughnuts! He’s a proper sweet gigalo that makes loads of sweet treats! 🤣

Perched at 5th Avenue and 77th street this little bakery is well worth a visit. It’s really informal and a proper ‘grab and go’ spot but they make some yummy glazed doughnuts.

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8.) Daily Provisions: For the cruller

If ya love a good doughnut, then you’ve got to lay your hands on a cruller, which is just a twisted doughnut that also sometimes contains delicious flaky pastry. Either way, they’re freaking addictive and definitely one of the best doughnuts in New York City.

Thankfully the guys down at Daily Provisions whip up a mean sugar-coated cruller, so mean that you’ve got to beat the crowds to secure one. They go really fast!

Daily provisions is situated in Manhattan, just off Union Square. You can see this on Google Maps, here.

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