After our exciting news about our adventure next week, I wanted to do some research into the most dramatic landscapes and blissfully beautiful locations that I want to re-visit and explore and explore, over and over again.

It probably sounds strange, but when it gets really sunny in London (like today), my mind starts to wander into travel.

I know lots of people are the opposite, when it’s a wet gloomy day,  their thoughts turn to book their next holiday or adventure, but for some reason, it’s always the sunny days that get me.

The thought of the potential to be sat on a beautiful harbour somewhere, exploring the history of a town I have always wanted to visit, or even letting the waves lapping against my feet on a sandy, while beach (ok, my imagination is going wild with the possibilities).

I suppose more than anything, sunny weather makes me see the potential to explore.  Yikes, I hope I’m not the only one.

Regardless, if you are sunny or gloomy weather ‘decision-maker’ when searching for holidays/vacations, I hope these destinations will help you find your own travel lust list.

1) El Nido, Philippines

Photos And Postcards From El Nido In The Philippines (10)

Perched on the eastern tip of Palawan Island, El Nido is totally gorgeous. We loved it!

Photos And Postcards From El Nido In The Philippines (9)

The islands are just stunning, too.

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2) Reynisdrangar & Vik, Iceland

9 Blissfully Beautiful Places That You Will Want To Visit Today (19)

We had an amazing time in Iceland, it’s an explorers paradise. See more of us shooting the northern lights here while at Hotel Laki and our whale watching, here

3) Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

15 Best Places In Northern Ireland To Visit (18)

Always so close to London, it’s only an hour or so on a flight.

We went recently and it was so magical. We loved it. 

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4) Mineral Forest, Pamukkale, Turkey

15 Best Places In Turkey To Visit (28)

I loved visiting Pamukkale when I was a little younger…I loved the bathing in the warm pool and lagoons and taking in the beauty of this natural formation.

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5) Cinque Terre

The Complete Guide To Visiting Cinque Terre in Italy

One of our favourites, we just visited Cinque Terre and its beautiful.  Plus, you can read our “Complete Guide To Cinque Terre”, here

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6) Snowdonia, Wales

An Electric Road Trip: Things To Know Before Driving An Electric Car (13)

The country I was born so it has to be great, right? Well, yes, Wales is stunning.

Take a look at this view… Breathtaking! 

11 Best Places In Wales To See

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